After starting the 4th quarter leading 27-14, Oakland went do a deep zone coverage. This has prooven fatal every time the Raiders switch up their coverage. Being a crucial game in the Raiders quest to make it to their first post season since 2002, this was not the time to "test" the young Matthew Stafford. We all saw what ensued, and we are furious with the decision. If this happens again, I am one fan that will start the ranting to have the defensive coordinator pulled from duty.

Oakland is in no position to play it safe! We want the opponents to be slaughtered with the unrelentless punishment that our defense should display, rather than the touch football style zone defense.

RAI...DERS!!!! THE TIME IS NOW... Let our strength be the closing point of the games we are winning.

send my grievances to the McClain family for the acts that have "been charged against him," to each man his own. Why should there even be an explanation to the redicculous behavior he conveyed. Good Luck And may GOD be with you, and your entire family.

This weeks match-up between the Oakland Raiders and the Miami Dolphins will be another East Coast Test for the red-hot Oakland Squad. At 7-4, the Raiders are atop the AFC West, they were chosen as the favorite in this edition of a great rivalry that blossomed in the 70's. This Sunday will show the world how good this Raiders team can be, if they can avoid the heap of pointless penalties that have recently plagued the Silver and Black.

Miami has been a team playing very strong as of late, mostly due to the amazing play from Reggie Bush. The Dolphins have won their last three games, so has Oakland, which team will get to say Four and counting?

I believe the Raiders will show to be the Dominant Team in week 13. As long as Oakland takes care of the ball, and stays solid on defense, they should have no problem hanging 40 plus on the scoreboard. Carson Palmer has another week under his belt with this offense, and he has also improved a little on his timing with Heyward-Bey and Denarius Moore. While DMC Sits out one last week, Michael Bush will have his heart set out on his 3rd 100-yard game.

This game will sure be a test for Oakland, this game is the sleeper of their schedule. If they do not execute from the gate, they will find trouble holding on towards the end. If the Raiders fail to staple it shut when given the opportunity, the Dolphins can squeeze their way back into the game and steal one of your W's.

RAI....DERS!!!!! RAI... DERS!!!!!

The time is now! It is striking how accurate this slogan has become for the Oakland Raiders this week in their Division Rivalry against the Denver Broncos. Both teams have gone through QB changes in the recent weeks, Oakland with injuries, and doubt. For Denver, it's what their fans wanted. And of all people to surface in the news recently was JaMarcus Russell, who has to be laughing at this whole situation, he feels he should still be the QB of the Oakland Raiders.

This is just a little heads up for Hue Jackson about QB controversies in the NFL, AVOID THEM AT ALL COST!!! The Oakland Raiders are seeking a QB that can keep our high-powered offense rolling while Jason Campbell sits the next 4-7 weeks due to a broken collar-bone. Kyle Boller, Carson Palmer, and Terrelle Pryor should all have the next two weeks to try-out for the Starting Job until Jason is 100% healthy. Because giving Carson the Starting Job isn't going to quiet the already silenced Raiders' fans.

I thought the Coach would entrust his Young Back-ups before turning to Palmer. Why not give Pryor the Chance to play with the first team O a few times and see what happens?

Let's Forget About the Great New England Patriot's Teams of Yesteryear, and see this Year's team for what it really is... A couple good player's with an over-rated QB in Tom Brady. I would like to do a Pre-game Comparison based on this Year to date, and what I think will happen in this game.

QB Comparison:
Oak: J. Campbell - 54 / 82 (66%) for 584 yards, 3 TDs and 1 INT.
Campbell has played Great football, by that I mean smart football. He Isn't trying to force throws into tight coverage. He knows when to throw it away, and when to take a sack (clock management). His sole INT was against the Buffalo team that picked Brady off 4 times the following Week.

NE: T. Brady - 93 /133 (69%) for 1,327 Yards, 11 TDs and 5 INT.
Against the same Buffalo Team Brady threw four Interceptions, in just one game that shows a lack of discipline, and a little less patience for the open receiver. He has basically no running support, which is why he has thrown the ball 133 times in 3 games.

How I believe the Raiders will win this game, is to get their Rushing attack in full motion early on, then exploit the Pats defense using screens, and tossing the deep ball to our speedy Wideouts. Denarius Moore will be a game-changer, and with Heyward Bey, and Kevin Boss attracting slightly more attention, the Patriots will not be safe loading the box to stop the running combination of D MaC and Michael Bush. Look for the Raiders to go deep early and often in this game, but expect another huge game from Run DMC.

The Raiders Defensive Unit will have their hands full, but expect to see them feast on Tom Brady. He is naturally afraid of the Blitz, and this years Raider squad loves to Blitz, and expose the QB to a lot of big hits. The front four are making O-Line's look like High School Teams the way they are being pushed back.

With our Defensive Backfield already being depth tested, we will certainly hope Deion Branch Drops a few passes... LOL


This is Why us True Raider Fans still have to Al Davis his due credit for being a Football genius, for his odd spur-of-the-moment Acquisitions. His timing for doing so is one of the great Team Marketing Strategies that he unveils once every year, or so it seems. This makes the most sense for a player of his caliber.
Had Terrelle returned to Ohio State for his Senior Season and served his 5 game suspension, what he did in the second half of the season, would've easily brought him back into the cream of the crop, making him high profile, and much more expensive. So I gotta say, "Great Pick-up there Al!"
This is kinda the same logic Al had when he picked up Michael Bush late in the 4th round of the 2009 NFL Draft.