This season has been a huge disappointment, but quite entertaining to say the least. The Oakland Raiders again will have to look for tools to build our future. The team has shown several signs of improvement, but still have to spend the final weeks of the 2008 season to find an answer to what has occured time and time again. Our dysfunction and continued instability has made the Raiders the laughing stock of the NFL.

Where will the Raiders begin this offseason? That is a question we can start assessing in three weeks, as for now we still have a game on Sunday, and have to be in top form. My logic is that neither the fans nor players need their heads to be filled with what to do before next year. Sunday provides us with a chance to redeem our ego, against the team that stripped us of our dynasty.

In January of 2002, the officials robbed the Raiders, who had a team for the record books. Some still argue the fact, but even Tom Brady announced in the post game conference, that he too thought it was a fumble.

The results of the game were a tide that would change the ideals in the Raiders front office. We had a chance the next year to play in the Super Bowl, but had to play against the coach we had just traded after the "Tuck Rule." We were robbed of our dynasty, the fact is that we never would have fell this low, had the play been called correctly.

Sunday the Patriots will be in our house on a cold, wet, and dreary afternoon. As a member of the best fanbase in the NFL, I am calling for all Raider fans to make it a point that we will not allow the Patriots to continue on our legacy. Bring signs, make a lot of noise, Boo Randy Moss and Lamont Jordan anytime they touch the ball. Tell any Patriots fan you see that they are going to lose the division to the Dolphins. They're reign must be stopped, ans Sunday we have a chance to put them down. With a Dolphins win, and Partiots loss, the Patriots will almost certainly need a miracle to get in.

In our hopes the newly great looking Matt Cassell might not start, therefore the Patriots will be looking to Kevin O'Connell. That would be a great advantage because the Patsies are a paa first team. Leaving them with a run game, that has become weak. In the mix with the weather conditions, I see the Raiders having the better rushing attack.

Just for fun, we will be screaming F--- the Pats.

Let's go get'em Raiders.

So I was at the Colliseum Sunday, trying to enjoy the early workings of what was to become a great game, when my Sunday ended. I didn't see any points scored, let alone anything exciting before the moment stood before me. It made me miss a game I had been waiting on, to which I brought 12 people along with me to witness a change in the Raiders' ways.

It was during my hike down to the concession stand for the third time, to grab another Bud Light. At this point in time there was still 12:37 seconds in the first quarter, a moment I wish I could take back.

A Chiefs fan seemed to be a little out of control, as was I, and he shoved me as I was trying to make my way down the stairs. Instantly I flipped my switch and began rushing towards the maniac that tried to kill me, but then stopped, knowing that I would be kicked out of the stadium, and forced to miss this pivotal game.

No more than five minutes later, the E.M.T's that work at the stadium, were asking me questions about whether or not I was Diabetic. I was dumfounded as to what had just happened. The Medics were taking me into a room with no televisions, by wheelchair.

"Have you been drinking?" asked the young female who was part of the response team.

"Yeah a little bit," I responded briskly.

"Can you tell us what you were drinking," She asked in a collected calmness.

"Um.. I started the tailgate with about a half a bottle of hennessey, followed by a Coor's Light, then I had half a 32 oz Corona, and finished all of that with two tall Bud Lights," Immediately after I mentioned this she handed me a cold cup of water.

"I don't need anymore water, I need to see the game," I slurred, as I tossed the cup aside.

Within twenty minutes they had called security and asked them to take care of me, eventhough my brother and two friends were trying to assist me in getting back to my seats.

I was then Harrassed by an Officer, who told me to calm down and explain to him what was going on.

"I threw up on the ground, because I couldn't quite make it to the restroom," I explained as a dignified drunk.

"Well my understanding is that you are creating a scene everywhere you go," the Officer replied as if he had been told that by someone who is trustworthy.

"That sounds like hearsay to me sir," I stated, "I am trying to tell you I am fine, I just needed to get that gross taste out of my mouth, and everyone is treating me like I am dying."

"Well why don't you come with me," the Young Authority asked.

"The hell I will, I need to get back to the game, I am sorry for any misunderstanding but I am okay to go back to my seat."

That is when I was grabbed, and asked to leave. The game was still scoreless, and now I am furiated because, I was in a decent enough shape to watch the rest of the game.

"Do you want me to place you under arrest," Asked Officer Tippwell.

"No I would like to watch the game, just let me be," I snapped back, then I quickly turned to walk back to my seat.

Just then the Officer grabbed me by both arms and basically carried me out of the stadium, and forced me into the public atmosphere.

They told my Brother that they would let me go as long as he got me away from the stadium. So we were walking back to bart, but I had a few words for the cops that stripped me of my passion, and threw me out to make a point.

"F--- the Oakland P.D."
"You oinks are all the same"

I guess in public you don't really have freedom of speech. Because the Bart police arrested me for using obscene Language in Public, due to complaints. Since when has it been illegal to say F--- the Police?

I was thrown into the drunk tank at the BART station to sober up. They told my brother that they would let me out in about four hours. Keep in mind this is at two o'clock in the afternoon. They for some reason transferred me to the Downtown Station at about three. At this point I was starting to get furious. The Alameda County Sheriff's had my hands chained to my Stomach, as well as my feet cuffed together. This scenario makes it impossible to use the phone in the cell because it was out of reach.

They brought me to the padded cell, because I was a "danger to myself," supposedly. Sometime around four-thirty, the Alcohol began to wear off, to my displeasure this is about the time I noticed both my hand-cuffs, and the cuffs around my ankles were way too tight. I tried to ask one of the Deputies if they could loosen the cuffs, after five walked by, and refused to even acknowledge that I was pleading for some courtesy, I began screaming, "Will someone please fuckin help me out here."

My feet started turning cold, so I kept screaming for some help. I then realized that my hand was swollen, and it felt like I had a fractured bone somewhere in this hand. So I began aking if the Nurse on staff could come see my hand. But still, the "Authority" just walked by smiling.

"Please, I am in an extreme amount of pain, will somebody please loosen these cuffs," I yelled, which definately echoed through the whole floor.

Finally a Deputy approached and asked why I was screaming, and I told him my hand seems to be broken, and I need these cuffs to be loosened.

"Quit crying about your hand, I am not calling the Nurse," exclaimed the guard.

This is where It all came to me, the only reason I was being treated this way was for what I said, probably the only reason I got arrested. Around five-thirty, they came and uncuffed me. My ankles hat cuts, and both wrists were quite significantly swollen. After I was finger printed and booked, they tossed me into a cell with people in it. They all looked at me like I was a Murderer.

"Don't come over here lil' Russell, we know your type," cried a man, who would later be identified as Jeffery, "We saw you walkin the mile lookin like Hannibal Lectre."

"Hey dawg, whats wrong with yo fo' head?" asked a youngster.

I reached up to touch my head, and there was a knot in my forehead about the size of a golfball. I remembered when I got to the drunk cell at BART, while I was hogtied I was tossed to the cement, and with nothing to catch my fall... SLAP!

Once the clock hit Midnight, Jeffery and I were starting to get upset, "When are we going to be released?" We would ask. They kept telling us the same bullshit, "I don't know!" with a smirk on their face. He was in serious pain because he had just got done with a spinal surgery, and for me, I was battered and bruised. So we both kept asking for the Nurse.
"Man these faggots just walk by as you are talkin to them, they be actin like we retarded an shit," raved Jeffery from the doorway.
"I know," I said, "and it is really starting to piss me off."
Around four-thirty in the morning, the Deputy that fingerprinted me came by to bring us our balogne sandwhich for breakfast.
"By any chance can you let us know how much longer we are going to be in here," begged Jeff.

"Well have you been fingerprinted and booked yet?" asked the officer.

"Yeah hella hours ago man."

"Well than you two should be in the release tank, why are you still in here."
At this point I was about to start a Riot, but the fact was I was almost out. The Deputy brought us both to the release tank, where we would await our dismissal. When my name was finally called, I was filled with joy, but was unable to smile. I walked out of the station at 6:30 A.M. after being detained for fifteen hours, for a drunk in Public Citation.

All I know is either the laws have changed, or there are to many God Damn Raider Haters who happen to wear a uniform.

One last time, "Fu-k the Oakland P.D.!"

The last few years the San Diego Chargers have owned the team donned the Silver and Black. Tonight may be a pointless game to some, but to us Raider fans, we need a sign. We would love a dominating performance, but I think the team just has to show us that we will be able to compete in our division in the years ahead.

Our team has faltered, but we need to remain optimistic. My reasoning is simple; JaMarcus Russell is starting to look like the quarterback we chose with the first overall selection, and Darren McFadden is not far behind. The Raiders were unfortunate to be plagued with key offensive and defensive losses to injuries. The Offense lost Fargas, and McFadden for four weeks each. Does anybody remeber the people saying, "We have Fargas, why do we need McFadden?" Maybe because Fargas has always been injury prone, and this season was no different.

So in our battle with our foe from Mexico tonight, I hope we can catch a glimpse of what we saw in the Denver game, the future. Nevermind what happened Sunday in Oakland, we are still capable of playing a role in the playoff picture, just not ours.

Will the San Diego Bolts turn it around, or will the Raiders finally prevail against the team that as of late, seems to disrespect us. I for one caan not sit around and wait for the Chargers to be bad again, I would rather see the Raiders rise again to the top, and become the force in the west.

One of my thoughts about this team seem to stay on the conservative side, but thats what our young team cannot afford to be, conservative. The young offensive and defensive corps has to make a stand and say we can do this. There is no doubt in my mind that the Raiders are one of the most talented teams in the League, now they need to go get it.

As for the play calling, it has been dicey, but thats what we want to see as fans. Mr. Cable, please go after the Chargers tonight, by any means do not hold anything back. Air it out, let McFadden take a few snaps, run some trick plays, but most importantly let the youngsters on the field redeem the joy of playing football.

Rob Ryan, tonight we need constant pressure on Phillip Rivers, make him dance. Bring everything you got, because we would rather win tonights game, more than anyother game left on the schedule.

Let's go get'em!

This is where it all gets interesting. Week 13, the Oakland Raiders have a home matchup against their division rivals, the Kansas City Chiefs. Up to this point, the season has looked dim, but this week is a must win for the Oakland Raiders.

My reasoning for this is that the Raiders are still mathematically in the hunt for the AFC West title. After the win against the Broncos, we have tied their division Record at 2-2. The Raiders need a lot of help from other teams, but our chances are better than glim. The Broncos will have to face the red-hot Jets, who do not show signs of slowing down. So if the Raiders can get a win at home this week, and hope Brett Favre can keep the train rolling, that leaves Oakland only two games behind.

The Chargers will play a big part in our quest for the glory, but that all plays into effect next week, and in week 17. So I will leave the skepticism to be followed up on a week by week basis.

The whole idea that Tom Cable instilled in this young team was brilliant. By Tom asking the players to do what they have to do in order to leave each game 1-0. The games that you have already played are just notes to use in preperation for next week. It has allowed our young team to erase the mental errors that they seem to keep as baggage, that could become a burden.

If by any chance the Raiders come out of week 13 victorious, it will make the rest of the regular season a real treat for the three teams in the West that are still in contention.

When the season was just getting started, the Raider Nation was in full force to deter the haters that always seem to find us, whether we are in a parking Lot, or at our homes. These "Haters," like to just try and get between our skin, always saying how the Broncos, or Chargers are always better than us. Right now, yes, but not by much.

The biggest Hater of them all is Mike Shannahan. Is he still that wounded over a decision Al Davis made back in the 1989 season? He has made it a personal rivalry, and wants to stick it to Al every chance he gets. In week one however, he already had the game in hand, late in the game, but was still airing it all over the field. Shanahan, along with the help from his young Quarterback, flat-out embarrassed the Raiders defense, which was supposed to be a strong point on the team.

This Sunday will be a test of will among the Young players. Hopefully we will see the same type of defense that shut down Jake Delhomme. We need the same approach this week against the Young and Savvy Jay Cutler. Rob Ryan must understand that the way Cutler beat us last time, was simply the fact that we gave him all day to watch the play develop. If the Raiders can bring constant pressure, this game will not be out of reach coming down the stretch.

On the Offensive side of the ball, we could use some help. Whether the help is from the wind, or the gods, we need offensive Touchdowns. JaMarcus Russell is expected to start, and Darren McFadden should be close to 100% by now. This game could come down to field position, so we need to at least get a few first downs. The Broncos' defense is worse than that of the Raiders, so we will need at least 17 points to even be contending in this one.

Whatever the outcome of the game ends up as, I want to at least see a team on the field that could have a final drive to win in Denver. What a boost that would be for our young players.

All the players have their hands on the light switch, but who is going to be the one to flip the switch to enlighten the team.

Is a Season Ever Lost?

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At the beginning of the 2008 Season, the Raiders, and there fans were filled with a glimpse of hope, that they would soon return to the glory days. At 2-8, nothing could be further from reality, right?

I understand they are not atop of the weak AFC West, as they could be. But for some reason, the way they have been losing should still give us fans the real meaning of hope. We have gained the ability to stay in ballgames. It is odd that we can compete with the good teams in the league, but sometimes, can't seem to edge them out at the end.

The game at home against Carolina, got the fans upset and they started to leave early. The thing I didn't understand was why. Aside from the fumble at the beginning of the game, we actually dominated that game. I am starting to believe that the Oakland Raiders are allergic to the end-zone. That is simply the only thing holding us back from being a 6-4 Wilcard team.

Whatever the case may be, we have seen a lot of bright spots this season. Our run defense, isn't dead last, our QB is actually getting better as we go along, and our WR's are starting to play.

I know its a reach, but if we can get three staright division wins, and get back to 5-7, we couls somehow be back in the hunt for the division. Regardless if we can turn this season around, I can definately see it changing in the near future. All we need is to learn ho to cross the finish line. Even that is too much to ask this young team, so for all of us who come to Oakland trenched in Silver and Black, at least croos the Goal-line.

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You can also roam around the site and read other people's Raiders blog posts and comment on them. There is also a recently started Raiders forum where you can banter about the Raiders with other fans. Looking at the current blog posts displayed on the home page it's clear that while not everyone is a professional writer, nearly all of the people using the sites are die hard Raiders fans.

All-in-all offers a great online experience for Raiders fans. If you have a moment check it out.

Goodbye DeAngelo

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In the last few years, it seems that players come to Oakland just to get paid. For DeAngelo Hall, there is no exception. He was supposed to come in and provide Nnamdi a good offside cover corner, but instead he has become the exploit of the opposing offense.

In his eight games for the Oakland Raiders he has been attacked over and over again. He has yet to shutdown a number two wide receiver, so that the QB will be forced to throw towards Nnamdi. He has hadf three interceptions, which is decent, but with that he has given up a lot of big plays.

It has been made public that the Raiders intend to waive him from the squad, and cut their ties with the once hopeful Raider. But that will leave a void in our secondary, makiong us start Stanford Routt, who has shown a few glimpses of success. Routt will be a good corner, and this good be his spotlight, it is his chance to show the league why he is still in silver and black.

The Raiders would be ill-advised to completely waive the contract of Hall, unless there is no trade possibilities open. To my understanding Dallas is in dire need of a cornerback, and might be willing to give a second or third round pick for him. More than that if they are desperate for his help. The Packers could also use him, being that Al Harris is done for the season, and the Patriots, always like to take our misfits, and turn them into stars.

So my message to the team I love is to at least try to get something for him, if nothing is available, then make him sit on the bench, and use him as trade bait before the draft. I am also wondering if this is a Tom Cable decision, or if Davis is just fed up with paying for losers to just show up. We can find better talent coming out of the University of North Texas.

Even when the thing to do on Halloween was to dress up like the dirtiest ugliest thing imaginable, then ringing doorbells and scaring the shit out off your neighbors, us Raider fans loved the Holiday. But the love was because it was fun, exciting, and an excuse to stay out late. Now that we have grown apart from the childish acts, except the dressing up part, the day that is really noted as Halloween in Oakland is either the Sunday before or after the 31st.

We as fans love to dress up, and torment the opposing fans who are brave enough to wear their colors in our house. Which is by all means the spirit of the day in which we mourn the dead. For the last few seasons this day wasn't as significant, because our on the field product was absolutely dismal. This Sunday will awaken the true essensce of what being a Raider fan is all about. Being louder than the guy next to you, as you will your team to victory.

With the forecast showing a cold, overcast day in Oakland with a good chance of precipitation, that is our kind of day. Not only because we are a running team, but for the fact that is resembles the dark uncertain times of our beloved silver and black. With the unpleasant weather Matt Ryan and his strong passing game will be placed on the back burner, but that might be a bad thing, we will instead see a heavy dose of Michael Turner.

Oakland is never a good place for a rookie QB, let alone an experienced one. Just look at what the defense did to Brett Favre with a little bit of crowd noise to distort his audibles. As long as we keep the blitz strong against the youngster, we can force him into bad passing situations. Come gametime, Matt will look like the kid he is, you know like the trick-or-treater that awaits you, but once you open the door, he begins to cry, and runs for mommy.

It will not be any easier for JaMarcus Russell, since it seems that our offensive line has turned into quick sand since the uprooting of Lane Kiffin. Could it be that Cable now has to many tasks that he simply doesn't have time to coach his own unit? I like the Cable guy and all, but so far he has us watching a distorted picture. Being at home will help our young squad, coaches included.

And to the Raiders, remember this Sunday is our Halloween, our chance to put the fright back when a team sees a trip to Oakland on their schedule. I will be calling on you, the Raider Nation, to make the Coliseum the loudest outdoor stadium. Let's put our mark on this one.

Leave Baltimore on a Winning Note

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As the Oakland Raiders prepare for their upcoming game against the Baltimore Ravens this Sunday, it almost feels like the stakes are now up. The Raiders could definately benefit from a win this week, because Denver has a bye week, and San Diego, with its loss last week, leaves them only one game up on the Raiders.

Well according to Tom Cable, and the players that bought into him, the Raiders are 1-0. Each week, you go in looking to win as if it was game one.

So these are my keys to victory in Sunday's game against the Crows:

  1. First we must protect the ball, the Ravens defense is as good as it gets, when they turn an offensive miscue, into a defensive highlight.

  2. That might mean running the ball on third downs if it gets into a game that is decided by field position.

  3. Make sure you know where Ed Reed is lined up at, on every down.

  4. The Raiders could also benefit from another decent game from our wide-outs.

  5. Defensively we need to apply a lot of pressure on Joe Flacco, and hope for him to give our DB's some plays to make. Their WR are getting old, so our corners can manhandle them, giving our front four a chance to get to the QB.

  6. We must convert on third downs, keep our defense fresh.

  7. Bring out the aerial assualt, and go deep on them. The best defenders the Ravens have are mostly up front.(exception: Ed Reed)

  8. Mix up our blitzing schemes, to confuse Flacco.

  9. Try to get McFadden the ball at least fifteen times, to change the pace of our ground attack.

  10. And let's try to be 1-0 come Sunday.

Well there you have it. These are my keys to the game, if the Raiders can manage to get 6 out of 10 done, I think we have a good chance at making things complicated in the AFC West

In the Wake of my own Madness

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  • (Photo courtesy of Jed Jacobson, Getty Images)

    Last Sunday, which just so happened to be October 19th 2008, the date is of real significance to anyone who had it planned as a Raider Nation National holiday. A day in which us Raider fans were going to have our last farewell to Brett Favre. This was going to be our chance to give Brett our revenge from what he did to us on a Monday Night game back in 2003.

    In my article titled, "Why Raiders Fans Love Brett Favre Being a Jet," I rambled about why the team would rattle Brett, and cause him to have one of his worst games in a while.


  • Brett Favre will have his glory moments that is for sure, but on October 19th, he will be wishing he stayed retired.

  • His boxscore will look something like:
    12/27 1 TD 3 INT 1 FUM 6 Sacks

  • It gives the Raiders one more chance to show that we are not a victim of Favres anymore, and that this will be the game he remembers the rest of his life. It will be a non-friendly farewell for Brett in Oakland.

And I was almost dead on, except I threw some horrible stats at him, and look what he actually did:

21/38, 0 TD, 2 INT, 3 FUM, 3 Sacks.

He actually had a worse game than I was hoping for.

About the game itself, simply amazing. Being apart of one of the loudest crowds I have ever heard, that helped propel the defensive stands in overtime, is indescribable. The team actually looks like they figured out how to close out games which is basically all they were lacking. Otherwise, the Raiders could be 4-2 at this point, but never the less the Raiders played with some Pride and Poise down the stretch of the game.

The Raiders might be able to turn this around, they still look like a team that can be a tough matchup come the second half of the season.

(Photo courtesy of Dobson Images)

Week five ended on Monday Night, as the Saints hosted the Minnesota Vikings. The game was a complete disaster for the Saints, doing whatever they could, to try and lose that game. Drew Brees, was hurried, and hit quite a few times. The Offense for New Orleans could not hold on to the football, nor could they sustain many drives. Their Special teams aside from Reggie Bush, was terrible. After I watched the game a second time, it seemed more to be that the Minnesota players were at the right place at the right time.

Will the Saints be able to rebound after a short week? Going up against a team that has had two weeks to get healthy, will make it seem a lot harder.

With the Raiders having the bye week, it was "pretty" successful. We installed a new Head Coach, watched two of the three teams in our division lose again, and the Raiders have gotten Justin Fargas back fro his injury in week 2.

Tom Cable, told the team as well as the media, that we were going to establish a more balanced offense. JaMarcus Russell will have chances to make plays. A LOT of plays. Kiffin seemed overly conservative with Russell. If he missed a throw, or the receiver dropped the ball, Kiffin was too quick to abandon the passing game.

Maybe Cable will tell Russell, "We need you to go out there and make some plays." Let Russell have some freedom, let him establish a rhythm passing the football for once. How else are we supposed to strengthen our passing game, if you do not give it a fair chance to work.

For example, Trent Edwards in Buffalo, also a young quarterback that is growing into the mold of a quality passer. But how many times to they let him throw the ball? The same thing goes with Jay Cutler, he has been given a free roam of the playbook. These are things that build up the QB's confidence, showing him that you believe he can get it done.

The Oakland Raiders running a balanced playbook? Tom Cable has the right idea. Make the opponent be ready for a run first team, and come out throwing on first downs at the beginning of the game. We may have to mix up the receiving corps just a bit, and allow Chaz a chance to be our deep play guy.

In this weeks matchup, I for one, think the Raiders have a good chance at keeping this one close, and if it comes down to field goals, I believe we would have the advantage. There will be a few key factors in this matchup. One being the wideouts for the Saints, David Patten and Robert Meachum, and Marques Colston. They will have a tough time against the Raiders secondary, and may try to run the ball more then they have recently.

So my thinking leads me to believe that the Saints will try to run steadily against our Defense, but It is easier said than done. Surprisingly, this season, it has been our run Defense that has stood up, and can be a big game changer come Sunday. Our front line defensively will rattle Brees up, and cause him to check down or make errant throws. Our defense should have plenty of oppurtunities in this game.

This is definately a winnable game for the Raiders, we will just have to see if they have the intesity under Cable.

"In Tom Cable We Trust"

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Written by: Jeff Little

The inevitable has happened and the axe has fallen on former Head Coach Lane Kiffin. I thought it was very strange that Al decided to break him off with a telephone call as oppose to speaking with him in person.

Al Davis named second year offensive line coach Tom Cable as the interim Head Coach. He becomes the fifth Raiders head coach since 2002. This is Cable’s second year with the Raiders. He was the offensive line coach for the Atlanta Falcons in 2006 where he helped the Falcons lead the league in rushing.

He has 21 years of coaching experience with four as the Head Coach at the University of Idaho. He has been tutored by several great coaches and is a disciple of Alex Gibbs, a well known Offensive line coach.

He is well respected by the team and around the league, he has to bring the team together starting October first and get them to focus on playing better in the final 12 contests this season and finishing games.

After watching the unprecedented Al Davis Press Conference and noticing him go into great detail and speak at length that he had cause to fire Kiffin was odd.

Al had a Power Point presentation and displayed the letter that he sent to Kiffin outlining mistakes made on and off the field as well as his warnings to him.

Al came off as someone who was storing up information for this moment from when Kiffin was hired until now. He stated that it wasn’t simply one thing as the reason for Lane’s dismissal but an accumulation of the things.

To finish reading Jeff's Article visit:

The Glory Days are Near

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This is some bye week huh? Al Davis didn't stop at just saying why Kiffin was let go, he then went on to say that the Patriots tampered with Randy Moss. Al, I want you to know, that I am in full support of you, and your descisions. Every thing you have done is within your due rights as owner, and president of football operations. Don't ever back down, and always remember, this is your team. A strong, fast, young, and soon to be a dominant force in the AFC West.

Now that I have got my praise to Mr. Davis out of the way, I want to look into my crystal ball, and try to see what is next for my beloved Raiders. First I had to wipe it down a bit, after all the smudges from the Bills, and Chargers, and fill in the crack left by Lane "Never in the NFL again" Kiffin.

Lane Kiffin started to turn this team around, and has basically handed Tom Cable the keys to a good team. The Oakland Raiders are 1-3 overall, and 1-2 in the AFC West. They by all means can become a surprise team in the second half of this season. After this bye week, the next five weeks they have a schedule that presents them no team like San Diego, nor Buffalo. Remember, the Bills are one of three undefeated teams left in the whole league. And we all know why San Diego is not 4-0.

Just looking at the last three games, our defense has shutdown the opposing offense in the first three quarters of the game. In the first half alone in the three games in question, we have only aloowed 271 yards, while forcing 5 turnovers, and a safety, and only allowing one touchdown. The Touchdown came off of a fumble by JaMarcus Russell. In mentioning this, I am praising our defense, even though they couldn't seal the deal due to an battered backfield.

I personally think the Raiders are way better than their record indicates. Once the defense learns how to harness their energy for the full sixty minutes, the Raiders will be a force in the AFC. It is a good time to have this bye week.

Our offense on the other hand has looked bismal, but then again we were in close ball games with two elite teams, with our third string running back. The injuries to our backfield are a big reason we were not able to close those two games out. With the return of Fargas, and McFadden getting healthier by the day, the offense can get back to the gameplan of pounding the football.

Whatever the Raiders are presented with for the remainder of the year, it is a fair suggestion to say that the worst is behind us. Imagine what the Raiders would be like if through all of this turmoil, they were able to get to 3-1, beating Buffalo and San Diego. The glory days are near.

As Al Davis said, "This team can win, this team will win!"

"We Will Win With This Team!"

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Al Davis came out and made a few statements in his press conference today at the Raiders headquarters today, directly calling Lane a "Liar." Saying that he and Lane have had contact since before the season, as well as making a few blanket statements that Kiffin had a part in all offseason signings.
It is a sad day in Oakland, but it will end with a high level of confidence. Which is what needed going into the Bye Week.

Mr. Davis goes on to explain that Lane Kiffin has "disgraced this organization." He then goes on to explain, "It is the first time since I have owned this team, for firing a head coach for flat out lying to the press."

For some reason I liked listening to Al, and his reasoning for firing Kiffin. Nothing was better than Al Davis repeating, "I think this team can win."

More comments that seemed to surface in this press conference, were about Lane Kiffin not liking JaMarcus Russell. Adding that this week, Kiffin shared the play calling and that is why Russell threw the ball more. Al wants to see JaMarcus unleashed. Al goes as far as to say that Kiffin, "didn't want to draft JaMarcus."

Al definately sold to the media as well as the fans that listened to him tell us that this team will win. The Raiders are not far from glory and he believes Kiffin was hindering the teams success. The strategy that he was using was not making sense, and Al stated that.

Al Davis goes on to name Tom Cable as the interim Head Coach of the Oakland Raiders. Which seems like a good call. Making Greg Knapp his offensive playcaller. Tom wants to teach this team how to finish games, which is the only thing holding this team from being 3-1. But from here on out, we are going to go into games trying to come out 1-0.

Will This be Russell's Week?

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(photo courtesy of Dobson Images)

During the first three weeks of the NFL, there have been a lot of angry teams, and coaches. Some screaming at the media, and others at themselves. In Raider land we have had to put up with a lot of rumors about Lane Kiffin getting the axe.

Many reports predict Monday, then say Tuesday, because it didn't happen Monday. I for one think Al has finally seen a Raiders team that was actually woth watching and has decided to pull the hounds back. After a bitter loss Sunday even Al saw the positives. His team is in the mix.

So that brings me to my point for the week: Lane Kiffin has breathing room. This may be the week that JaMarcus Russell gets to pass the ball 20 or more times. Seeing that this might be a do or die game for the coach, but also for the team, being 1-3 without a coach is pretty difficult.

In the second home game of the season, we are already going to have an idea of what our division is about this year. The Broncos look like a team that can put up big numbers on any team. And the Chargers, well they are week to week. In this particular game we are going to need an early lead to give us the opportunity to run right at them, which will then open the field for Russell to complete passes on third downs.

With the crowd behind the Raiders with an early lead, and a mobile offense, this will give our good defense time to get motivated. With long drives to eat up the clock our defense can catch a breath or two, as well as plan for the next series. Having Gibril Wilson in the game will be a huge factor, because Rivers will be looking for Gates over the middle often. If our Defense can keep the Chargers out of the endzone a couple of times, making them opt for three, this game could be very close. By the way, a few turnovers wouldn't hurt us either.

I am also going to look for Darren McFadden to have a few more direct snaps in this game, as well as some chances to catch some balls, lined up in the slot. Our production on offense will still be on the shoulders of J-Rock, and if we let him throw the ball often, he could end up making a few big plays.

My players to watch for:

Look for Kirk Morrisson to be coming into the backfield more than last week, he is a big athletic LB who can disrupt Phillip Rivers timing, because he can jump, chase, and catch.

Another player to single out is Michael Huff, because Wilson will be looking for the big hits over the middle, huff might stay back a bit and catch a few free balls flying around.

Also Look for JaMarcus Russell to complete closer to 17-20 passes this week as they open more of the playbook to confuse the Chargers defense.

In a wake of either bad reporting, or a factual, but even if it's an overly misleading rumor, many in the Raider Nation are sitting on the edge of our seats. For the players, it is more of them wanting to keep the right guy around, and for the fans, we just want something different to happen, a coach to stay.

Many people are reporting that Al Davis is close to letting Lane Kiffin the youngest coach in the league go. Kiffin has no control over this, or does he? If he can keep winning, there is a good chance he will stick around for a little bit longer. Are reporters rushing to judgement after another rumor comes from a "indsider," in the Raiders office. Who is the one who leaked this information? Supposedly nobody knows, because he is speaking as an anonymous patron.

I believe that Lane Kiffin is the right guy for this team, and that Al Davis has surrounded him with the given talent to win games. All in due time, this team will be better. It might not be a playoff team this year, but soon it will be a dominate force in the AFC.

Al Davis has seemingly put the puzzle on the table, as well as constructed the edges for Kiffin, and left it there for Lane to finish. Anybody who has taking time out of there busy schedule to piece together a puzzle as big as the Raiders must understand, it takes time. When no other coach in the league would even go near Oakland, Lane Kiffin rose to the challenge. We have accepted him as our leader here in the Nation, and we also know that Davis holds the reigns to the team. But Al, let Kiffin be who he was brought here to be, the head caoch.

I am not talking down to Al in any way. He is and always will be one of if not the most brilliant minds in Football. But Al needs to understand, that Kiffin is also a very bright mind, when it comes to this game. So instead of hiding behind the shield when it comes to these two, they should put their differences aside, and give the fans what we want the most, a competitive team. The same team that rushed for 300 yards on our rival Chiefs, and almost pulled the first shut-out between the two teams in their bitter history.

So my message to Al: Keep Kiffin around as things are improving, please by any means to not rescind the progress that this team is making. You two do not have to like eachother, but you have to put up with eachother when things are looking up. Because Mr. Davis, we all want the same thing; a better team.

McFadden Doubters: Keep Watching

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(AP Photo/The Ottawa Herald, Elliot J. Sutherland)

When Oakland was on the clock in this April's 2008 NFL Draft, many Raiders fans and fans of other teams were quick to judge Al Davis when he selected Running Back Darren McFadden. There were all sorts of blasts against the 22 year old from Arkansas, some of these remarks were, "His legs are too skinny," or "He fumbles too much." Which both comments could be justified, but lack depth or any facts too back them up.

The comment that made me laugh the most when I was firmly behind the notion that Al would take Darren, was the people that would claim that Oakland had enough running backs, and simply didn't need him. So here we are two weeks into the season, and many of you have now realized my reasoning for taking McFadden, because Justin Fargas has never been able to play a full sixtten game season, nor will he. Well Fargas left the field yesterday with what we are being told is a groin injury. Luckily we had two strong RB behind him to carry our offense with 300 team rushing yards. 164 yards from McFadden, and 90 yards from Bush who also sealed the game with a long TD at the end of the game.

Darren became only the second rookie in Oakland Raiders history to rush for more than 100 yards, the other player was Bo Jackson. McFadden showed the fans what he can bring to the table on every play, his big play ability, helps by shortening the field.

The Kansas City Chiefs head coach Herm Edwards stated, "They ran the ball right down our throat." Which was not a fairy tale in any way. What about all of the fans that said Glen Dorsey was the better player at number four? How did he look yesterday? In the game he had 3 solo tackles, followed by a bunch of zeros on the statboard. What if the tables were turned, and we did pick Dorsey 4th, just to watch the Chiefs take D Mac? Being 0-2 and being shutdown in two straight would be embarrasing. Thank Al for that one.

photo courtesy of Jachdeja

Last week for the Oakland Raiders was dreadful, and provided us with a new outlook on the season. Our beloved Raiders will be a team that has to pick up scraps to pull wins together. During the week the were a lot of contrevsy about the Coaches.

It seemed to be more of the he said she said than a real problem. It still happens to make headlines in Northern California and its decent sized media markets. The coaches have basically been put on the waiver wire without those words actually being said. Which makes this weeks matchup against the Chiefs that much more important, since both Lane Kiffin and Rob Ryan will be possibly looking for an unemployment check next month. After what happened to the Raiders by the Novice offense in Denver, Ryan doesn't look like a good candidate for hire.

What I personally will be on the lookout for on Sunday against the Chiefs in for the defense to rebound bigtime. The point is that the secondary should be able to shutdown any passing game. Not only are the fans aware of this, but so is every other team, as well as the critics who kick us when we are down. Gibril Wilson, hopefully took it upon himself, and his "champion" leadership to bring the secondary up out of their funk. Look for the Raiders defensive backs to have a big impact on this game, and force Kansas City to run the ball.

The Linebackers were forced to drop back into coverage, instead of applying pressure. Even on a few third and long situations the defense put the Broncos in, Ryan didn't blitz the quarterback. Sunday will give us a better look at our 2008 defense that is supposed to be one of the best. With a few more blitzing packages our defense will look way better, and might silence the critics.

Our offense will undoubtedly be a huge change, maybe the biggest from last week. My reasoning is how they finished the game. Russell will play about the same, hopefully a little bit better. The only thing we are asking of him is to control the game, and take care of the ball. In this game the Chiefs shouldn't be able to score at will, giving the Raiders the ability to stick to their game plan, which we all know is run first, pass next. If our running backs can set up short third downs, this should allow Russell to be more effective throwing the ball. Keep the Defense close and take advantage over the top, with a good play action bootleg. The points might be scarce, but we should be more effective in the red zone.

The players I believe will have a big game are:

DeAngelo Hall - He is looking to show why the Raiders paid him, once we rush the QB, there will be passes off target.

Darren McFadden - Look for him to get a few more than 10 touches on Sunday, and hopefully he can get a pass or two in the open field.

Derrick Burgess - His Pass rush skill mixed with some help from the Linebackers may give him the ability to get into the backfield.

Dear Nation: Keep your heads up

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In the Broncos effort to dismantle the Oakland Raiders Mondaay night, not many people would want to go back and watch that game again. I took another four dreadful hours watching that game again. I almost need to be wearing a blindfold, it was pretty ugly. But the reason I watched it a second time, was to see if there were any positives in this game.

The first thing to note was that JaMarcus Russell actually played a good game, and had he made a couple of more plays, or had some receivers made a few more catches, we are looking at a great game from Russell. All we want out of our QB this season, is for him to manage the game and make plays when possible. He didn't have many chances to make plays, and when he did, he would have a dropped ball, or the line would break and he would be running for his life.

The next thing that became apparent was that Darren McFadden only touched the ball a total of ten times, if I counted correctly, 9 rushes and one reception. I do not have a copy of the gameplan, but I think we would all like to see DMC have a few more touches. Fargas had a decent night, and Bush was a no show.

The wide receivers that we have in Oakland shouldn't be that admissable. I mean how do you expect to build a young QB's confidence, when everyone is not running full routes, and or dropping balls. There was a deep ball over the middle that would have left Ronald Curry on a foot race to the end zone, but he dove and came up short on the grab. I was impressed by the two catches by Chaz Schilens. His two were big catches, and tough catches. I would like to see Chaz utilized mor in this offense, because I think he is the one receiver that we have who is ready to give himself up for any ball in the air.

Until we see the way we play in week two, I do not see much to worry about. It was obvious that our team gave up in the third quarter, and responded by letting the run a lot more than early in the first half. We did shut down their run game early, but were not successful in blitzing to create bad throws on key third downs. I really do think Rob Ryan will be in for a real treat if he doesn't start bringing the heat, and giving our DB's a chance to make plays. The whole game it seemed as if we were in a zone coverage for the fact that we gave Cutler all day to pick us apart.
Because of the lack of the blitz that many fans know is a big part of playing a man to man scheme, one player received a bulk of the criticism, that being DeAngelo Hall, but please do not write him off yet. It was not his fault that Ryan left him on a small island with no room to breathe.

In our week two matchup with the Chiefs look for us to have a better performance, and on top of that we will come out of the gates firing. I just hope Ryan figures out the blitzing schem, especially on third downs. If you are that worried about the linebackers not being in coverage, blitz a CB, or pull a stunt blitz, with a DE and LB switching gaps. You have to confuse the QB, and that is something RYan is not doing.

Its in the hands of Russell

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In the last few years there hasn't been an opportunity like this in week one for the Raiders. On Sunday two of the four teams in the AFC West lost their games. The Chiefs fell to New England, and the Chargers lost in the final seconds to the Panthers, leaving tonights game with more emphasis than what was thought.

The Broncos come into town looking like the "Broncos," except they will be playing with a more depleted WR corps than ours. With Brandon Marshall out, our number one corner is now covering a 2, and our 2 is going to have an easy night on a number 3 WR. This will make them more inclined to run the ball. If we can stop the run like I predict they can, it will leave the win on Russell's shoulders.

In order to control the clock tonight the Raiders will need great play out of our running backs. Darren McFadden will need to stay in bounds on his long runs up the sidelines, and Bush will need to make key contributions in short yardage plays. We know what Fargas can bring so we will say he needs to come out fired up for the game.

The other side of our offense will rely on smart plays from second year QB JaMarcus Russell, this is his game to win. His options are there, so he needs to make smart throws, so look for him to be dumping the ball off to our backs as well as his favorite target Zach Miller. The passing game will be minimized tonight, so when he does throw, we need a stellar performance from our line.

If these things happen tonight we will be sitting atop of our division going to Kansas City next week, who is without Brady Croyle. Things are looking good, so to all the Nation, this is me signing out. I will see you at the game, "Let's rock the House."

This upcoming Monday, which holds the date of September the Eighth will hold two big games on Primetime network Television. The First of the two is Minnesota at Green Bay, followed by what should be considered the game of the week. Where the old adage resurfaces itself in our minds, "save the best for last." This game will electrify all that choose to watch it from home, and for us in the Raider Nation who will be there will make the home theater surround sound seem more realistic than ever.

Not only does this game already hold a huge implication on the AFC West, but it will give us Raider fans what we have been waiting for, our new team. So far in this preseason we have yet to see the tandem of Nnamdi and Deangelo. Neither have we been able to see our top tier running game bolster huge runs after big gains. Anybody who has doubted the Raiders this offseason will be watching the Nationally televised game in desperation that the Raiders falter. But this will not be the case. For the simple fact that the team feels the anticipation of the crowd, and fans way too much to allow themselves to disappoint.

As the game starts, the 63,000 plus fans in attendance will have the concrete walls vibrating at kickoff. This tone of deafening sound will not slow down until the Raiders have the ball. The defense is what we elect to put on the field first, and just shut the Broncos' weak offense down. After the quick three and out the Raiders have Higgins field the punt and he does his job, which brings the ball close to Midfield.

After going back and forth from runs by McFadden, and Fargas, matched with a few screens to both, and an occasional pass to Miller, the Raiders find themselves in scoring position. This brings the already loud stadium to a roar, and when Russell drops back to throw the corner route to Walker who goes up and gets it for six, the entire fanbase goes into complete pandemonium. after the point after is good, not only are the Broncos stunned, but the announcers for ESPN have been thrown into a sheer silence that lasts until the Raiders kick the ball back to the dumfound Donkeys.

The game resumes at a very high intensity all the way through, but only from the Silver and Black, they show a dominating sense to the game that hasn't been seen in years, and it reawakes the Raider Nation. At the close of the game as most of us are leaving the stadium, the only thing we hear the whole way home, is the echoing of the crowd and the constant chant.... RAI... DERS!

In this battle the so called experts have Denver running away with this one, but that is irrelevent, the way I see this game turning out is as followed:

OAK 27 DEN 13

Just Win Baby!

There are many reasons that cause many of us to bet. We either think the odds are in our favor, or the game can't really be that hard. But it is no laughing matter, some people such as myself, love to gamble, and sometimes push our luck to far. When your girlfriend or wife is standing next to you with a death look, waiting for you to leave the table, or walk away from the machine. But it is not that easy for you.

You explain to her, "I am only trying to have fun."

But she knows the truth, you are addicted. For those of you that have a problem call the hotline, for the smart-minded people who bet on sports rather than when a computer wants to pay you, stay tuned.

I am going to put reason behind my headline, it is not a joke. The headline doesn't say to win, does it?

There are many ways toearnings on a regular Sunday filled with games from sunrise until about midnight on the East Coast. My favorite way to bet is to place an even wager on the underdog, as well as the favorite, so you give yourself better odds.

Now for the first weeks game against the Broncos, which will be intriguing. Because the last I checked the Broncos were only the favorite by three points, this would be a good game to pick the Raiders to win, because I do not believe that we will allow the game to stay any closer than three.

Here is the plan, grab as much money as you can, and play the Raiders as the Underdog to come out Victorious. When a game is only at a three point spread you usually want to play the underdog, for the fact that you will win more money. If you do not like my theory, I am by no means trying to push you into using it, but when the Raiders pull out some bigtime upsets this year, you will wish you had your pocketbooks out.

If there is a game with a spread over seven, I would also say that that is a safe bet to take, although it is usually 6.5 or 7.5 rather than seven. because in the event the Raiders lose by seven, if you only had 6.5, you lose anyway, but if you had a 7 or 7.5 point spread, you leave the game with money in the bank. It will turn a loss by the Raiders, into a win for you.

I usually do not bet on the Raiders, but this year is very tempting with some big upsets that could result in a large sum of cash.

Each week will give us a new chance to bet on more games, if the Raiders can keep a close spread, it is a chance I am willing to take, and sometimes, it just doesn't make sense.

Rules in Betting on NFL:

1. Do NOT pick the Pats to go 16-0 again!

2. Take Risks, do not be timid!

3. Don't bet if you have any addiction to gambling.

4. If you do not know which team will win, do not bet.

5. And last but not least, if you lose money, well..., your a loser.

Raiders Vs. Seahawks Recap

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In the last week of the Preseason , the Oakland Raiders traveled to the Emerald City to take on the Seattle Seahawks. This game was as close to meaningless as there is in the NFL season, and preseason as it can be. Except for the players that are out on the field, for them this is there last chance to prove that they have what it takes to play in the NFL.

It was giving the coaches one last chance to evaluate the talent that they had available.

Nevermind the score or the big plays in the game, the only thing that matters is the news that was handed out Saturday, to these select few that didn't make the final roster.

Jesse Boone, C

Josh Shaw, DT

Chris Wagner, TE

Jonathon Holland, WR

Luke Lawton, FB

Nate Lyles, DB

Chris McFoy, WR

Glenn Pakulak, P

Marviel Underwood, S

Nick Sanchez, DB

Michael Waddell, CB

Louis Rankin, RB

Greyson Gunheim, DL

Shane Simmons, LB

Adam Archuleta, S

Adimchinobi Echemandu, RB

Darrell Strong, TE

Brandon Rodd, OL

Darrick Brown, DB

Marcel Reece, FB

All of the named players have been cut, and reasonably so. Michael Waddell had a few bright moments in the preseason, but the Raiders opted to go with Stanford Routt, and rookie Tyvon Branch who also plays in the Safety postition.

Echemandu was released due to the excessive amount of Running backs that the Raiders had, and they would rather place Louis Rankin on the Practice squad, as long as noboody claims him on waivers.

Arman Shields was placed on the injured reserve list, so he will probably wait until next year for his shot at making the Roster. Leaving the final two WR Roster spots to Chaz SChilens, and Todd Watkins. I personally think Chaz has a chance to become a very good WR in this league, so far he has shown us that he is willing to do whatever it takes to make the catch. He will run across the middle, jump up, when he knows contact is coming, and he has been diving for balls that nobody else on the team has even tried to catch.

To add to the WR note, the Raiders just signed former Falcon, Bronco's, and Niners WR Ashley Lelie to a one year deal, making the Raiders cut another player, will it be a WR? or a DL, both we have an extra for, because one of our main guys for those positions is injured, (ie: Drew Carter and Kalimba Edwards). It could also be a player such as Sam Williams who has yet to break the top spot of the depth chart. Or even someone Like Rashad Baker, a Safety who is buried on the depth Chart as well.

In last Saturday's Match-up the Oakland passing game was moving the ball, but unable to make catches in clutch third down situations. Which has pointed out a glaring need on this 2008 version of the Oakland Raiders.

Some may wonder if we can allow one of the three youngsters to have more playing time, and the answer is that they will have a lot this week against the Seahawks. Along with the injury to Drew Carter, who is now out for the remainder of the season, we will need to acquire a few free agents off the waiver wire, and bring a competition to the East Bay.

Our Roster WR as it stands now:

1. Javon Walker - Who is still recovering from a huge mental lapse that occured in Las Vegas, where he was basically pleading to go out like his former friend Darrent Williams. Since then he has offered the signing bonus back to Al Davis and tried to retire, I think he will eventually come together for the Monday Night Football home opener against his former team.

2. Ronald Curry - Ronald has been with the team since 2002, although he was a seventh round pick, he has been able to make a name for himself. I honestly believe the Raiders should have told him he was the number one receiver, to at least give him more motivation, instead of bringing in random misfits to oust him from the top. I predict him to be our top receiver this year, just beating Miller in Yards and catches, but I give the TD nod to Miller.

3. Chaz Schilens - Chaz is one of our top performing wideouts, he has the break-away speed, can catch a deep ball with the best of them. Look for him to be a big contributor to the Raiders this year. He need to work a little bit on his routes, but that usually comes over the years. Standing 6-4" he will be a good target in the corner post routes, all Russell has to do is lob it up for him.

4. Todd Watkins - A player who has been flying under the radar at camp, and trying to find his way onto the team. However, it will be a close competition for the number four wideout spot. Watkins has good routes, but lacks blazing speed. Will be more of a red-zone type WR.

5. Johnnie Lee Higgins - I think there are a few other WR on our roster that could put up bigger number than "JLH," he has the special teams job, so he will make the cut but may not see much playing time, other than kicks. I believe he lacks strength, and is quite often unable to get past defenders.

6. Shields/Holland/James/McFoy - These players will struggle making the roster when it comes to final cuts, maybe Shields can stick around on the practice squad, and be depth if injuries occur, as well as hang around for another swing in 2009.

Players on the Waiver Wire who could help:

1. Marcus Monk - A 6'-4" 222 Lb WR from Arkansas, was released by the Chicago Bears, and he might be worth a work out at least. Another TD type WR who can go up and get the ball.

2. James Thrash/ Malcolm Kelly - Two highly touted WR who are buried in the depths of the Redskins Roster, if we can make a trade, I am pretty sure we can strike gold with either one of these two.

3. Or wait another week or two, and grab the one thats the best available? The reason I do not agree with this move is that it limits the time to get reclamated to the system, and the QB. I think it would be smart to try to give Marcus Monk a shot during the preseason.

Thanks for reading let me know if you have any additional waiver news that should be added.

In the Raiders saturdays match-up against the Arizona Cardinals, the message Kiffin sent out was that we would pass early and often in the game. I am not so sure that was a good idea, but the Coaches were able to judge the receivers on performance. Which is what the preseason is all about.

I know that the fans at the game were not estatic about the results, but it wasn't an angry mob, but more a congregation of crushed expectations. At any rate, the team did look decent passing the ball, but they were unable to score.

The first string defense suffocated the Cardinals passing game in the first half. Matt Leinart threw 3 interceptions, and the Defense also recoverd a fumble. This is what us Raider fans were talking about. Our pass defense WILL be among the leagues elite.

During the first half some of the calls were rediculous. The pass to McFadden was clearly forward and incomplete, somehow they call a completed catch and a fumble. This will always happen to the Raiders, it's just the way it is.

On top of that the catch by Zach Miller was called incomplete, and then reviewed again but simultaneously ruled incomplete. I thought I saw his knee come down in bounds, but I am no official, I used to be, but I guess I lost the few skills I had.

Raider fans, let it be known that we gave the world our gameplan, and they barely stopped our passing game. So In the Regular Season expect us to set up the passing game with our running game, to open up the plays that Russell rolls out on. A big thing is that our gameplan will be about 70 percent run and 30 percent pass, so this game was meaningless, we didn't play our kind of Football.
During the game Drew Carter and Oren O'Neal both suffered season injuries, so I would like to wish them the best, and a speedy recovery.

JaMarcus Russell shined aside from his sole pick, and his few sacks. Hope to see you all at McAfee on September 8th. That will be a game to tell whether or not this wil;l be a good season.

In Last Weeks matchup against the Tennessee Titans, the Oakland Raiders Punt Returner Johnnie Lee Higgins, made a huge mistake. In case you missed it, he fielded a ball inside his own 10 yard line, then started off running backwards. He in turn lossed the football, only to have it recovered by the Titans in the endzone.

This particular event, paired with a couple that happened last season, have the Raider Nation wondering what if? What if we had a healthy Tyvon Branch back there? What if Darren wanted to return punts? Can Todd Watkins field the end-over-end kicks?

While pondering through all of this, I believe I found the solution... Louis Rankin.

He is our undrafted RB that came out of the Univesity of Washington, where he would return kicks, so he has the vision to do it. In all of the times I watched him at both UW, and the local Lincoln High School games, never have I seen him go backwards or try to field a ball in the presence of his own goal line.

This could be a great solution for a player who is fighting to make the roster. I would even go as far to say he would thrive at an oppurtunity to return punts. He plays football, meaning he is willing to play anywhere on the field as long as he gets to play.

When being interviewed by Bob Highfill of the Stockton Record back he was asked why NFL scouts should look at him,"I can break the long run, I can make plays, I can catch the ball out of the backfield, I can block for the quarterback and return kicks," Rankin said. "I bring a lot of things to the table, more than a lot of guys."

The picture above is his returning a kick against Cal. There are several highlights of him in the return game. He is more than capable of becoming a threat to opposing special teams coordinators around the league.

If we choose not to let Rankin field punts, so be it, but I think Saturday's game against the cardinals would be a perfect time to test him, let him have his shot and see what he makes of it.
Whatever the outcome is, we need consistency in the return game, and Rankin can provide that. And to those of us from Stockton, we want him on the squad, if you have the chance, take it.

(AP Photo/John Russell)

In the midst of starting the preseason 2-0, and just minutes away from big talk in the early wakes of the season. It was 3rd and goal, and the call was a fullback dive, and O'neal's number was called, but he now wishes it wasn't.

The Oakland Raiders Defense held up strong and got the ball back to the offense to seal the game, or so they thought. After a 72 yard run by Adimchinobe, followed by a decent run up to the goal line, his number was called again, but twice he was stopped just short.

The next call baffles me, but it might have something to do with all the back-ups not having a good enough grasp of the offense to audible, or at least have someone go in motion? Greg Knapp, decides to run a fullback dive up the gut, for the fourth running play in a row, from just a half yard out. It could have been an amazing play call, had it worked.

Oren took the hand-off and was doomed for failure. The Tennessee Titans had the box loaded, which I thought for sure the Raiders would at least do a play action, or a Quarterback bootleg into the endzone with "Tui." From what I saw, the Titans had nine in the box, and had just stopped two run plays just shy of the goal-line.

The Titans, recovered the fumble, and then drove down the field, even with a few offensive penalties, they were able to pull it off. The defense for the Raiders had worn down and was unable to hold them one last time.
This was the second big fumble of the night, which both led to Titans scoring drives. The Other was a fumble near his own goal line, where Johnnie Lee Higgins lost the ball, it was then recovered in the endzone for six.
The Preseason is not just for the Players, but it is time for the coaches to figure out what works and what doesn't. It was a great game, albeit the Raiders lost, but besides this play, the Raiders looked absolutely stunning. JaMarcus Russell was zip-lining lasers all over the field, Darren was captivating us all, as did Bush, and Adimchinobe. The Offense looked good, the Defense looked dominating in the first half, and I can't wait to see this starting line-up play a full game.

Two game watching quotes from Greg:

"Don't look back!...NO!"

"We would have made the Titans look like the Forty Niners, without those two fumbles."

Put A Plus in the Win Column

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Last Friday marked the beginning of the Oakland Raiders 2008 Campaign. I know we are still weeks from the actual opener, but this was the first appearance in front of us, the fans. I was as anxious as anyone.

After the scoreless first quarter, I was getting nauseous, but still thinking that the Raiders would soon come out of the shell. JaMarcus Russell, had a brief but positive outing, and McFadden was looking sharp. When the Forty Niners were punting the ball to us for what seemed to be the twentieth time in the first half, the spark finally came.

Johnnie Lee Higgins Returned a punt for 53 yards, and it looked as if he was basically untouched. This is when the crowd turned into a thunderous roar, as he flipped in the endzone. This seemed to get the whole team fired up as well.

After that touchdown, the defense went on to create a few more turnovers, but that is just part of the story that followed. It was our offense that just kept on rolling. Michael Bush was rumbling down field on a dump-off pass, and he continually fought for extra yardage. He proved to the Nation that he can be our short yardage back, or even be plugged into the equation for goal-line formations.

But my honors for player of the game was to Johnnie Lee Higgins. And Honorable Mention goes to Louis Rankin for his unbelievable 72 yard run towards the end of the game.

Not trying to leave anybody out, because from what I saw, it took a whole team of hungry players, to go out and just execute. There were flaws here and there, but they played tough, and personally I like seeing the "W."

In his first seventeen seasons, Brett Favre has had his share of ups and downs with the Green Bay Packers. Now that Brett is with the New York Jets, us Raider fans have a reason to be excited. After scorching us in his last two visits, we will be looking for redemption when the Jets come to town.

Brett Favre will have his glory moments that is for sure, but on October 19th, he will be wishing he stayed retired.

His boxscore will look something like:

12/27 1 TD 3 INT 1 FUM 6 Sacks

After this game the critics will rant about how he made the wrong decision to come back. That will be the moment the National Media actually thinks the Raiders have a decent team, and its not just a fluke.

Who knows, we might be able to ask Warren Sapp if he would like to be on the roster as a reserve, and them let him play in that game. For the simple fact that if there is anything Warren likes doing more than playing football, it is sacking Brett Favre.

I tried so hard not to write anything about Brett during this whole fiasco, but this is what came to mind, when I heard the news he was going to the big apple. It gives the Raiders one more chance to show that we are not a victim of Favres anymore, and that this will be the game he remembers the rest of his life. It will be a non-friendly farewell for Brett in Oakland.

At least us Raider fans get to send him out with a formal goodbye.

Season Tickets left on Doorstep

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With the first Preseason approaching, I started to wonder where my Tickets were. Last Wednesday I had received an e-mail, confirming that they hacve been delivered, so I got excited. Just then I noticed that they were sent to the wrong address. Or so I was told by my computer screen.

I began to panic, thinking that I was going to lose my tickets. Or that they were already gone. After work I decided to go pay the holders of my tickets a visit. Once I arrived at the address to which they were shipped, it became apparent that the home was empty. It had been Foreclosed. So I ravaged around, didn't see signs of anybody.

This was about the time I decided to call United Postal Service, the company that was shipping the product. After a long wait, followed by an automated conversation, I was able to speak to somoeone who might have an idea where my tickets are. What I was about to here, was proobably the worst news ever.

"Sir, according to the delivery agent, they had it placed behind the middle pillar on your porch."

I was furious. "How do you leave a 1,200 dollar package on the porch? At what price does a signature become required?"

For these questions, the guy had no response.

After talking it over with my season ticket representative, they decided that we would wait til Monday, to see if they surface, or if anybody turns them in. To which I agreed upon.

Yesterday, which was tuesday, I finally received my tickets, but only for the two preseason games. Meanwhile I wait for them to print out my commemerative tickets.

Since the tickets were stolen, some unluky prick, will walk up to the gate, and hopefully get his dreams of watching this years Oakland Raiders crushed, as he gets beaten over the head with a night stick, and charged with theft of a persons mail.

There is no place like Mc Afee Coliseum on a Sunday Afternoon in the Autumn. The “Concrete Jungle,” which it has been named by the devout fans. This stadium plays home to the Oakland Raiders. It is mostly associated with dark, and gloomy days. But only the people that gather here understand the joy that each Sunday brings.

Long before the game is even close to starting, the parking lots around the ballpark serve as backyards, only to those here early enough to take them. There will be entire families sitting in the back of there vehicles, drinking, cooking, and talking about what is going to happen within the next four hours. Beyond the outer walls of the stadium the air is filled with a rich bar-b-cue aroma, from patrons cooking everything from hot-dogs, to T-bone steaks. The smell has its own flavor, and is almost strong enough to taste. As you are walking through the parking lot at 10 am, you will see how close this fan base is. People will often open their grill and ice-chest to you, as long as you are wearing the colors; black and silver.

Around game-time, as you begin walking through the tall grey tunnels on the way to your seat, you will notice the wide variety of ethnicity. From Whites, to Blacks, some Latinos, and Asians. A crowd made up of all walks of life, and diplomatic status. There will be doctors, teachers, policemen, truck drivers, and even some ex-convicts, who all come together, to form the strongest fan base in the National Football League. This has become widely accepted as the Raider Nation.

It takes a gathering of seventy thousand plus fans, who turn the dark hallowed hallways, into a mysterious form of housing for the rowdiest fans in the league. The devotion, along with pride and swagger is apparent as you see people pouring into the stands, by the thousands. For the next several minutes, the only thing you will hear, are the fans screaming, “RAI… DERS,” the pausing in between is to allow the echo to fade away. While the players are being introduced, the entire place erupts into a roar that is unfamiliar to human sound. This sound cannot be categorized, because it is simply too loud. As certain chants start, you can almost watch the sound swarm the stadium in seconds. Encompassed by the growing roar, the stadium will quickly change from a cheer of joy, into a furious booing in no time flat. Usually when the decibels increase, is when you will see the display of excitement on faces throughout the stands.

During the Intermissions, many fans will rush to the concession stands immediately, grabbing whatever is possible in fifteen minutes. As these manic Raider fans pile up into the oversized bathrooms that reek of urine, they are now chanting, and making friends in their brief visit with the fans to either side of them. Back at the snack shack, the fans who do not need more beer are spilling whatever more they just bought all over the history stained concrete they are walking on, which soon forms into a golden resin once it dries up. Polluting the air with an unpleasant booze stench, that seems to linger throughout the stadium. Leaving the only fresh air left to breathe in the smoking section of the park. As you gracefully make your way through the congested lines for food and beer, towards the smoking area, you will catch a strong whiff of some Marijuana. Most Raider fans that choose to smoke somehow form their own mini huddle close to the outskirts of the upper deck where they are smoking the grass, it even gets smoked in the bleachers at times. The odor of the Coliseum will never leave your memory, even months after you have left.

Within fifteen minutes after the first half, this new breed of animals, now seem to be more intoxicated than most people have ever been, in there entire life. It takes about two hours or so, until the majority of the crowd is under the heavy spell of alcohol, a nice game of football, has now turned into a chaotic uprising to any opposing fans. If you wear the blue and orange into Oakland, I may suggest hiding it under your black sweater. These drunken fans are no longer watching for the fun, it is more about life and death. There is too much history embedded into the concrete walls, for any one Broncos fan to uphold. The pride associated with the Raiders organization, is more than history about the game. There is a distinct way of life in Oakland, and it’s, “live by the shield, die by the shield.” This is where the best teams of the seventies played, and dominated, and just by walking into the stadium you can somewhat feel the energy this place brings.

When and if you ever happen to have a chance to visit McAfee Coliseum, I would strongly encourage you to visit. It is a place similar to Disneyland, in how, once you’ve been there, the thing you keep asking yourself, is when I will be able to go back.

Will Patience bring Glory?

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In the last five seasons, the Oakland Raiders have went 19-61, a very bismal stretch for such a storied franchise. But not only have the fans had the patience, but still carried their swagger during this period of very dark times.

Since the Raiders appeared in Super Bowl XXXVII, the team has not been able to secure many free agents, and the ones we were able to bring to town were not the talented players the rest of the league sought out. This became a huge reason why some players' salaries are out of control, or is it?

Nobody can be classified as overpaid, until they have shown what they are being paid for. This is my personal take on Rookies pay, as well as most signings for veteran free agents.

Now looking at what the Raiders spent, for their free agent acquisitions, and drafts in recent years, did they get the short end of the stick? With players like DeAngelo (trade), Gibril Wilson, Tommy Kelly, Javon Walker, Drew Carter, Nnamdi Asomugha (franchised), JaMarcus Russell (draft), or even Darren McFadden (draft). Can anybody who watches the National Football League on a regular basis tell me that the Raiders didn't improve these last two years?

One thing the Raiders have done with the bleak seasons that keep coming by is that they were able to wait on the big spending for a franchise Quarterback, and Running Back, and now that we have both, with a good receiving corps, and a defensive that has been well praised so far in training camp, it will undoubtedly bring back a tough Raiders team.

Haters beware, we don't let other fans step on us, especially when we are on top. I can feel the Autumn wind Blowing, and right now it is blowing harder than it has since 2003.

All of the improvements to the Raiders Lineup, mixed in with a soft schedule, this season is destined to be fulfilling to the eyes of the hardcore fans of the Silver and Black. This season marks the beginning to a new chapter in Raiders Football, a good time to be a Raider fan is around the corner, and no longer are we going to be the laughing stock of the NFL.