The Oakland Raiders and Cb Nnamdi Asomugha were hoping to get a long-term contract in place to extend the cornerback's stay in Oakland. However they were unable to get it finalized before Tuesday's deadline.

Since Asomugha was placed with a Franchise Tag, he will be playing this season for $9.7 million. Making this his "show me the money" season, we might expect to see some unreal play out of him.

The Cal Standout has recently been coveted as one of the Leagues top cover corners, which is why the Raiders designated him with the franchise Tag, basically to put the ball in their court. The Organization now has a full season to structure a deal that is beneficial, to both the team and Nnamdi.

Hopefully they figure something out, because from all the buzz going around, the pairing of him and DeAngelo Hall, will be a grouping that will shut-down the outside passing game. If so, these two players will be something to keep together for a long time. Time will only tell.


  1. iknwftbl // July 17, 2008 at 10:22 AM  

    Excellent Write Up Greg. I'm not happy that Nnamdi, his agent Steve Baker and the Raiders couldn't come to a long term agreement. He will play for the Raiders this year and if franchised again next year will make in upwards of $22 million. That is very good money but he wanted and deserved to have the security of a long term deal. I don't want to see the same thing that happened with Charles Woodson happen with Nnamdi but it is sadly looking that way. I love the site Greg there is always room for "a Raiders Voice!"