In a press conference following the Raiders' selection of Darren McFadden in the 2008 NFL Draft, head coach Lane Kiffin went on to tell the media, "It was McFadden all along."
During that press conference he also went on to say, "I knew months ago, that this was the guy we had to have."
In the midst of rampant talk and speculation, there were many Raiders fans and reporters who were way off-target, and had a belief that they knew what the Raiders would do with their fourth overall pick.
Many believed the Raiders would trade down, but Kiffin's response to this was simple.
"The only chance we were going to trade down was if McFadden was gone at number four...We were considering trading up to pick him, but luckily he fell to us."
Lane also went on to add, "(Former LSU defensive tackle) Glenn (Dorsey) is a great player, but doesn't quite fit our three-gap technique. To take him fourth overall to replace Tommy (Kelly) at the three gap doesn't make much sense."
This proclamation from Coach Kiffin goes on to solidify the prediction that I made almost two months ago, when I thought the Raiders would select Darren McFadden, the best running back to come out of the SEC in quite a while.
McFadden will add a lot of possibilities to our new, explosive offense. This year, the Oakland Raiders will not only be back on the map, their fanbase will be filled with high hopes.
McFadden was the right choice, and will electrify the Raider Nation.