Just 10 More Days!

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With the Oakland Raiders first preseason game just 10 days away, many fans are full of excitment, as am I. As a season ticket holder, to me the off season is just re-upping time. To the die-hard fans, there is no offseason. To casual fans they just wonder, when does the season start again.

In the midst of the finding that the season will have its first show, at the HOF game. Although the Raiders first game is not for 10 more days. August Eighth to be exact. The most suitable part about this game, is that we will play against the San Francisco forty-niners. In any pre-season game, the time is worthless, the plays are worthless, and the final score is worthless, but not this game.

To the Die-hard Raider fans, we do not want to lose our only match-up against our foes across the water. Our Neighbors from the west. The simple fact is that this is a rivalry.

This fan favorite game is also a big thing for a lot of Raiders fans, for the fact we get to see Nnamdi and DeAngelo paired for the first time, JaMarcus Russell suit up as ready as can be, and the new defensive line, with Kelly, Warren, and Joseph. There is no doubt in my mind that the building will be electrified.

The hits our defense makes will be bruising, and the ready and waiting Alex Smith will have a tough time throwing the ball, so Mike Nolan has already told him to keep handing the ball to Gore.

I almost forgot that we are going to witness the first sighting of Darren McFadden in Black and Silver. To top the already loud Oakland Colliseum, what is going to happen when Run DMC takes a screen pass 64 yards to the house as the opening score? The stadium will explode.

I am still forgetting our WR additions, that will be seen in full force come August eighth. Walker, Carter, Schilens, and Curry will be flying all over the field. The possibilities that we run-up the score is high, the chance we dominate this game is even better, and the chance that we win is almost guaranteed.

So if you are just as excited to see the new and improved Raiders team of the future, get tickets, and be there to witness the beginning of something great. Do not forget to bring a sign that reads: THANK YOU AL!