(AP Photo / Paul Sakuma)

In a week with all the flurry, and tough thoughts about Brett Favre retiring, Javon Walker wanted to get more of a media circus around himself. Even though he already is having a bad offseason, and a team of reporters now following him 24/7 as if he were Brittany Spears, that just wasn't enough.

This time after the Oakland Raiders finished up practice Thursday Javon was informing team officials that he wished to retire.

He was counseled by Al Davis and he reportedly told Al, that he was willing to give back his eleven Million dollar signing bonus. Somehow Al Davis was able to get inside of Walker's head and convinc him to stay.

Javon Apologized to the team, and was qouted afterwards saying, "It's done. It's a non-issue."

Coach Lane Kiffin is a little confused with the picture, and so am I. I think this is something that goes back to the days that he was in Green Bay, playing along side of Brett Favre. To me, it always seemed to be a feud between the two. Walker wanted the Limelight that Brett had.

This here is his chance to show Brett he can be in the spotlight just as quickly. This weekend went from being all for the Hall Of Fame inductees, to a Breaking News story about Brett Favre returning, to all of the sudden sharing the spotlight with Javon.


The League made it official, that Brandon Marshall, a standout Wide Receiver for the Denver Broncos will miss the first three games of the 2008 regular season. That is good news for the Raider Nation, for the fact we host them on Monday Sept. 8th on Monday Night Football.