In the Raiders saturdays match-up against the Arizona Cardinals, the message Kiffin sent out was that we would pass early and often in the game. I am not so sure that was a good idea, but the Coaches were able to judge the receivers on performance. Which is what the preseason is all about.

I know that the fans at the game were not estatic about the results, but it wasn't an angry mob, but more a congregation of crushed expectations. At any rate, the team did look decent passing the ball, but they were unable to score.

The first string defense suffocated the Cardinals passing game in the first half. Matt Leinart threw 3 interceptions, and the Defense also recoverd a fumble. This is what us Raider fans were talking about. Our pass defense WILL be among the leagues elite.

During the first half some of the calls were rediculous. The pass to McFadden was clearly forward and incomplete, somehow they call a completed catch and a fumble. This will always happen to the Raiders, it's just the way it is.

On top of that the catch by Zach Miller was called incomplete, and then reviewed again but simultaneously ruled incomplete. I thought I saw his knee come down in bounds, but I am no official, I used to be, but I guess I lost the few skills I had.

Raider fans, let it be known that we gave the world our gameplan, and they barely stopped our passing game. So In the Regular Season expect us to set up the passing game with our running game, to open up the plays that Russell rolls out on. A big thing is that our gameplan will be about 70 percent run and 30 percent pass, so this game was meaningless, we didn't play our kind of Football.
During the game Drew Carter and Oren O'Neal both suffered season injuries, so I would like to wish them the best, and a speedy recovery.

JaMarcus Russell shined aside from his sole pick, and his few sacks. Hope to see you all at McAfee on September 8th. That will be a game to tell whether or not this wil;l be a good season.