Season Tickets left on Doorstep

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With the first Preseason approaching, I started to wonder where my Tickets were. Last Wednesday I had received an e-mail, confirming that they hacve been delivered, so I got excited. Just then I noticed that they were sent to the wrong address. Or so I was told by my computer screen.

I began to panic, thinking that I was going to lose my tickets. Or that they were already gone. After work I decided to go pay the holders of my tickets a visit. Once I arrived at the address to which they were shipped, it became apparent that the home was empty. It had been Foreclosed. So I ravaged around, didn't see signs of anybody.

This was about the time I decided to call United Postal Service, the company that was shipping the product. After a long wait, followed by an automated conversation, I was able to speak to somoeone who might have an idea where my tickets are. What I was about to here, was proobably the worst news ever.

"Sir, according to the delivery agent, they had it placed behind the middle pillar on your porch."

I was furious. "How do you leave a 1,200 dollar package on the porch? At what price does a signature become required?"

For these questions, the guy had no response.

After talking it over with my season ticket representative, they decided that we would wait til Monday, to see if they surface, or if anybody turns them in. To which I agreed upon.

Yesterday, which was tuesday, I finally received my tickets, but only for the two preseason games. Meanwhile I wait for them to print out my commemerative tickets.

Since the tickets were stolen, some unluky prick, will walk up to the gate, and hopefully get his dreams of watching this years Oakland Raiders crushed, as he gets beaten over the head with a night stick, and charged with theft of a persons mail.