In his first seventeen seasons, Brett Favre has had his share of ups and downs with the Green Bay Packers. Now that Brett is with the New York Jets, us Raider fans have a reason to be excited. After scorching us in his last two visits, we will be looking for redemption when the Jets come to town.

Brett Favre will have his glory moments that is for sure, but on October 19th, he will be wishing he stayed retired.

His boxscore will look something like:

12/27 1 TD 3 INT 1 FUM 6 Sacks

After this game the critics will rant about how he made the wrong decision to come back. That will be the moment the National Media actually thinks the Raiders have a decent team, and its not just a fluke.

Who knows, we might be able to ask Warren Sapp if he would like to be on the roster as a reserve, and them let him play in that game. For the simple fact that if there is anything Warren likes doing more than playing football, it is sacking Brett Favre.

I tried so hard not to write anything about Brett during this whole fiasco, but this is what came to mind, when I heard the news he was going to the big apple. It gives the Raiders one more chance to show that we are not a victim of Favres anymore, and that this will be the game he remembers the rest of his life. It will be a non-friendly farewell for Brett in Oakland.

At least us Raider fans get to send him out with a formal goodbye.