In last Saturday's Match-up the Oakland passing game was moving the ball, but unable to make catches in clutch third down situations. Which has pointed out a glaring need on this 2008 version of the Oakland Raiders.

Some may wonder if we can allow one of the three youngsters to have more playing time, and the answer is that they will have a lot this week against the Seahawks. Along with the injury to Drew Carter, who is now out for the remainder of the season, we will need to acquire a few free agents off the waiver wire, and bring a competition to the East Bay.

Our Roster WR as it stands now:

1. Javon Walker - Who is still recovering from a huge mental lapse that occured in Las Vegas, where he was basically pleading to go out like his former friend Darrent Williams. Since then he has offered the signing bonus back to Al Davis and tried to retire, I think he will eventually come together for the Monday Night Football home opener against his former team.

2. Ronald Curry - Ronald has been with the team since 2002, although he was a seventh round pick, he has been able to make a name for himself. I honestly believe the Raiders should have told him he was the number one receiver, to at least give him more motivation, instead of bringing in random misfits to oust him from the top. I predict him to be our top receiver this year, just beating Miller in Yards and catches, but I give the TD nod to Miller.

3. Chaz Schilens - Chaz is one of our top performing wideouts, he has the break-away speed, can catch a deep ball with the best of them. Look for him to be a big contributor to the Raiders this year. He need to work a little bit on his routes, but that usually comes over the years. Standing 6-4" he will be a good target in the corner post routes, all Russell has to do is lob it up for him.

4. Todd Watkins - A player who has been flying under the radar at camp, and trying to find his way onto the team. However, it will be a close competition for the number four wideout spot. Watkins has good routes, but lacks blazing speed. Will be more of a red-zone type WR.

5. Johnnie Lee Higgins - I think there are a few other WR on our roster that could put up bigger number than "JLH," he has the special teams job, so he will make the cut but may not see much playing time, other than kicks. I believe he lacks strength, and is quite often unable to get past defenders.

6. Shields/Holland/James/McFoy - These players will struggle making the roster when it comes to final cuts, maybe Shields can stick around on the practice squad, and be depth if injuries occur, as well as hang around for another swing in 2009.

Players on the Waiver Wire who could help:

1. Marcus Monk - A 6'-4" 222 Lb WR from Arkansas, was released by the Chicago Bears, and he might be worth a work out at least. Another TD type WR who can go up and get the ball.

2. James Thrash/ Malcolm Kelly - Two highly touted WR who are buried in the depths of the Redskins Roster, if we can make a trade, I am pretty sure we can strike gold with either one of these two.

3. Or wait another week or two, and grab the one thats the best available? The reason I do not agree with this move is that it limits the time to get reclamated to the system, and the QB. I think it would be smart to try to give Marcus Monk a shot during the preseason.

Thanks for reading let me know if you have any additional waiver news that should be added.


  1. Sir Bolt // August 26, 2008 at 9:53 PM  

    My question from SoCal is whether or not JaMarcus is going to have enough time from the o-line to get the ball to his talented young receivers. Sure, he can scramble, but I'm not sure that's what Lane wants him doing. Lord only knows what Montgomery Burns, er, Al Davis wants.


  2. Greg Pitsch // August 27, 2008 at 1:52 PM  

    Yeah, that is a good point, that he can scramble, but Kiffin doesn't want him out there for that. It isn't a big issue, because the Raiders gameplan is roughly only 30% pass, so we will take the line for its run proficiency.

    Thanks for reading