McFadden Doubters: Keep Watching

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(AP Photo/The Ottawa Herald, Elliot J. Sutherland)

When Oakland was on the clock in this April's 2008 NFL Draft, many Raiders fans and fans of other teams were quick to judge Al Davis when he selected Running Back Darren McFadden. There were all sorts of blasts against the 22 year old from Arkansas, some of these remarks were, "His legs are too skinny," or "He fumbles too much." Which both comments could be justified, but lack depth or any facts too back them up.

The comment that made me laugh the most when I was firmly behind the notion that Al would take Darren, was the people that would claim that Oakland had enough running backs, and simply didn't need him. So here we are two weeks into the season, and many of you have now realized my reasoning for taking McFadden, because Justin Fargas has never been able to play a full sixtten game season, nor will he. Well Fargas left the field yesterday with what we are being told is a groin injury. Luckily we had two strong RB behind him to carry our offense with 300 team rushing yards. 164 yards from McFadden, and 90 yards from Bush who also sealed the game with a long TD at the end of the game.

Darren became only the second rookie in Oakland Raiders history to rush for more than 100 yards, the other player was Bo Jackson. McFadden showed the fans what he can bring to the table on every play, his big play ability, helps by shortening the field.

The Kansas City Chiefs head coach Herm Edwards stated, "They ran the ball right down our throat." Which was not a fairy tale in any way. What about all of the fans that said Glen Dorsey was the better player at number four? How did he look yesterday? In the game he had 3 solo tackles, followed by a bunch of zeros on the statboard. What if the tables were turned, and we did pick Dorsey 4th, just to watch the Chiefs take D Mac? Being 0-2 and being shutdown in two straight would be embarrasing. Thank Al for that one.