In a wake of either bad reporting, or a factual, but even if it's an overly misleading rumor, many in the Raider Nation are sitting on the edge of our seats. For the players, it is more of them wanting to keep the right guy around, and for the fans, we just want something different to happen, a coach to stay.

Many people are reporting that Al Davis is close to letting Lane Kiffin the youngest coach in the league go. Kiffin has no control over this, or does he? If he can keep winning, there is a good chance he will stick around for a little bit longer. Are reporters rushing to judgement after another rumor comes from a "indsider," in the Raiders office. Who is the one who leaked this information? Supposedly nobody knows, because he is speaking as an anonymous patron.

I believe that Lane Kiffin is the right guy for this team, and that Al Davis has surrounded him with the given talent to win games. All in due time, this team will be better. It might not be a playoff team this year, but soon it will be a dominate force in the AFC.

Al Davis has seemingly put the puzzle on the table, as well as constructed the edges for Kiffin, and left it there for Lane to finish. Anybody who has taking time out of there busy schedule to piece together a puzzle as big as the Raiders must understand, it takes time. When no other coach in the league would even go near Oakland, Lane Kiffin rose to the challenge. We have accepted him as our leader here in the Nation, and we also know that Davis holds the reigns to the team. But Al, let Kiffin be who he was brought here to be, the head caoch.

I am not talking down to Al in any way. He is and always will be one of if not the most brilliant minds in Football. But Al needs to understand, that Kiffin is also a very bright mind, when it comes to this game. So instead of hiding behind the shield when it comes to these two, they should put their differences aside, and give the fans what we want the most, a competitive team. The same team that rushed for 300 yards on our rival Chiefs, and almost pulled the first shut-out between the two teams in their bitter history.

So my message to Al: Keep Kiffin around as things are improving, please by any means to not rescind the progress that this team is making. You two do not have to like eachother, but you have to put up with eachother when things are looking up. Because Mr. Davis, we all want the same thing; a better team.


  1. Justin & Yatang // September 19, 2008 at 11:39 AM  

    RaiderFaithful here,

    I could not agree more with this post. Kiffin is the right guy to finish what he started.

    Al the raiders need to get back to the "Just win baby" philosophy and get away from this "please for the love of god just score baby" mentality.

    I am sick of watching them lose and lose and lose. please dance with the man you came with and give us a chance to win.