"We Will Win With This Team!"

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Al Davis came out and made a few statements in his press conference today at the Raiders headquarters today, directly calling Lane a "Liar." Saying that he and Lane have had contact since before the season, as well as making a few blanket statements that Kiffin had a part in all offseason signings.
It is a sad day in Oakland, but it will end with a high level of confidence. Which is what needed going into the Bye Week.

Mr. Davis goes on to explain that Lane Kiffin has "disgraced this organization." He then goes on to explain, "It is the first time since I have owned this team, for firing a head coach for flat out lying to the press."

For some reason I liked listening to Al, and his reasoning for firing Kiffin. Nothing was better than Al Davis repeating, "I think this team can win."

More comments that seemed to surface in this press conference, were about Lane Kiffin not liking JaMarcus Russell. Adding that this week, Kiffin shared the play calling and that is why Russell threw the ball more. Al wants to see JaMarcus unleashed. Al goes as far as to say that Kiffin, "didn't want to draft JaMarcus."

Al definately sold to the media as well as the fans that listened to him tell us that this team will win. The Raiders are not far from glory and he believes Kiffin was hindering the teams success. The strategy that he was using was not making sense, and Al stated that.

Al Davis goes on to name Tom Cable as the interim Head Coach of the Oakland Raiders. Which seems like a good call. Making Greg Knapp his offensive playcaller. Tom wants to teach this team how to finish games, which is the only thing holding this team from being 3-1. But from here on out, we are going to go into games trying to come out 1-0.