This upcoming Monday, which holds the date of September the Eighth will hold two big games on Primetime network Television. The First of the two is Minnesota at Green Bay, followed by what should be considered the game of the week. Where the old adage resurfaces itself in our minds, "save the best for last." This game will electrify all that choose to watch it from home, and for us in the Raider Nation who will be there will make the home theater surround sound seem more realistic than ever.

Not only does this game already hold a huge implication on the AFC West, but it will give us Raider fans what we have been waiting for, our new team. So far in this preseason we have yet to see the tandem of Nnamdi and Deangelo. Neither have we been able to see our top tier running game bolster huge runs after big gains. Anybody who has doubted the Raiders this offseason will be watching the Nationally televised game in desperation that the Raiders falter. But this will not be the case. For the simple fact that the team feels the anticipation of the crowd, and fans way too much to allow themselves to disappoint.

As the game starts, the 63,000 plus fans in attendance will have the concrete walls vibrating at kickoff. This tone of deafening sound will not slow down until the Raiders have the ball. The defense is what we elect to put on the field first, and just shut the Broncos' weak offense down. After the quick three and out the Raiders have Higgins field the punt and he does his job, which brings the ball close to Midfield.

After going back and forth from runs by McFadden, and Fargas, matched with a few screens to both, and an occasional pass to Miller, the Raiders find themselves in scoring position. This brings the already loud stadium to a roar, and when Russell drops back to throw the corner route to Walker who goes up and gets it for six, the entire fanbase goes into complete pandemonium. after the point after is good, not only are the Broncos stunned, but the announcers for ESPN have been thrown into a sheer silence that lasts until the Raiders kick the ball back to the dumfound Donkeys.

The game resumes at a very high intensity all the way through, but only from the Silver and Black, they show a dominating sense to the game that hasn't been seen in years, and it reawakes the Raider Nation. At the close of the game as most of us are leaving the stadium, the only thing we hear the whole way home, is the echoing of the crowd and the constant chant.... RAI... DERS!

In this battle the so called experts have Denver running away with this one, but that is irrelevent, the way I see this game turning out is as followed:

OAK 27 DEN 13

Just Win Baby!