There are many reasons that cause many of us to bet. We either think the odds are in our favor, or the game can't really be that hard. But it is no laughing matter, some people such as myself, love to gamble, and sometimes push our luck to far. When your girlfriend or wife is standing next to you with a death look, waiting for you to leave the table, or walk away from the machine. But it is not that easy for you.

You explain to her, "I am only trying to have fun."

But she knows the truth, you are addicted. For those of you that have a problem call the hotline, for the smart-minded people who bet on sports rather than when a computer wants to pay you, stay tuned.

I am going to put reason behind my headline, it is not a joke. The headline doesn't say to win, does it?

There are many ways toearnings on a regular Sunday filled with games from sunrise until about midnight on the East Coast. My favorite way to bet is to place an even wager on the underdog, as well as the favorite, so you give yourself better odds.

Now for the first weeks game against the Broncos, which will be intriguing. Because the last I checked the Broncos were only the favorite by three points, this would be a good game to pick the Raiders to win, because I do not believe that we will allow the game to stay any closer than three.

Here is the plan, grab as much money as you can, and play the Raiders as the Underdog to come out Victorious. When a game is only at a three point spread you usually want to play the underdog, for the fact that you will win more money. If you do not like my theory, I am by no means trying to push you into using it, but when the Raiders pull out some bigtime upsets this year, you will wish you had your pocketbooks out.

If there is a game with a spread over seven, I would also say that that is a safe bet to take, although it is usually 6.5 or 7.5 rather than seven. because in the event the Raiders lose by seven, if you only had 6.5, you lose anyway, but if you had a 7 or 7.5 point spread, you leave the game with money in the bank. It will turn a loss by the Raiders, into a win for you.

I usually do not bet on the Raiders, but this year is very tempting with some big upsets that could result in a large sum of cash.

Each week will give us a new chance to bet on more games, if the Raiders can keep a close spread, it is a chance I am willing to take, and sometimes, it just doesn't make sense.

Rules in Betting on NFL:

1. Do NOT pick the Pats to go 16-0 again!

2. Take Risks, do not be timid!

3. Don't bet if you have any addiction to gambling.

4. If you do not know which team will win, do not bet.

5. And last but not least, if you lose money, well..., your a loser.