Will This be Russell's Week?

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During the first three weeks of the NFL, there have been a lot of angry teams, and coaches. Some screaming at the media, and others at themselves. In Raider land we have had to put up with a lot of rumors about Lane Kiffin getting the axe.

Many reports predict Monday, then say Tuesday, because it didn't happen Monday. I for one think Al has finally seen a Raiders team that was actually woth watching and has decided to pull the hounds back. After a bitter loss Sunday even Al saw the positives. His team is in the mix.

So that brings me to my point for the week: Lane Kiffin has breathing room. This may be the week that JaMarcus Russell gets to pass the ball 20 or more times. Seeing that this might be a do or die game for the coach, but also for the team, being 1-3 without a coach is pretty difficult.

In the second home game of the season, we are already going to have an idea of what our division is about this year. The Broncos look like a team that can put up big numbers on any team. And the Chargers, well they are week to week. In this particular game we are going to need an early lead to give us the opportunity to run right at them, which will then open the field for Russell to complete passes on third downs.

With the crowd behind the Raiders with an early lead, and a mobile offense, this will give our good defense time to get motivated. With long drives to eat up the clock our defense can catch a breath or two, as well as plan for the next series. Having Gibril Wilson in the game will be a huge factor, because Rivers will be looking for Gates over the middle often. If our Defense can keep the Chargers out of the endzone a couple of times, making them opt for three, this game could be very close. By the way, a few turnovers wouldn't hurt us either.

I am also going to look for Darren McFadden to have a few more direct snaps in this game, as well as some chances to catch some balls, lined up in the slot. Our production on offense will still be on the shoulders of J-Rock, and if we let him throw the ball often, he could end up making a few big plays.

My players to watch for:

Look for Kirk Morrisson to be coming into the backfield more than last week, he is a big athletic LB who can disrupt Phillip Rivers timing, because he can jump, chase, and catch.

Another player to single out is Michael Huff, because Wilson will be looking for the big hits over the middle, huff might stay back a bit and catch a few free balls flying around.

Also Look for JaMarcus Russell to complete closer to 17-20 passes this week as they open more of the playbook to confuse the Chargers defense.


  1. Energy // September 24, 2008 at 9:06 PM  

    Absolutely, I think J Russ and DMAC are going to shine..we shuttin l.t. DOWN..