In the Wake of my own Madness

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  • (Photo courtesy of Jed Jacobson, Getty Images)

    Last Sunday, which just so happened to be October 19th 2008, the date is of real significance to anyone who had it planned as a Raider Nation National holiday. A day in which us Raider fans were going to have our last farewell to Brett Favre. This was going to be our chance to give Brett our revenge from what he did to us on a Monday Night game back in 2003.

    In my article titled, "Why Raiders Fans Love Brett Favre Being a Jet," I rambled about why the team would rattle Brett, and cause him to have one of his worst games in a while.


  • Brett Favre will have his glory moments that is for sure, but on October 19th, he will be wishing he stayed retired.

  • His boxscore will look something like:
    12/27 1 TD 3 INT 1 FUM 6 Sacks

  • It gives the Raiders one more chance to show that we are not a victim of Favres anymore, and that this will be the game he remembers the rest of his life. It will be a non-friendly farewell for Brett in Oakland.

And I was almost dead on, except I threw some horrible stats at him, and look what he actually did:

21/38, 0 TD, 2 INT, 3 FUM, 3 Sacks.

He actually had a worse game than I was hoping for.

About the game itself, simply amazing. Being apart of one of the loudest crowds I have ever heard, that helped propel the defensive stands in overtime, is indescribable. The team actually looks like they figured out how to close out games which is basically all they were lacking. Otherwise, the Raiders could be 4-2 at this point, but never the less the Raiders played with some Pride and Poise down the stretch of the game.

The Raiders might be able to turn this around, they still look like a team that can be a tough matchup come the second half of the season.