Leave Baltimore on a Winning Note

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As the Oakland Raiders prepare for their upcoming game against the Baltimore Ravens this Sunday, it almost feels like the stakes are now up. The Raiders could definately benefit from a win this week, because Denver has a bye week, and San Diego, with its loss last week, leaves them only one game up on the Raiders.

Well according to Tom Cable, and the players that bought into him, the Raiders are 1-0. Each week, you go in looking to win as if it was game one.

So these are my keys to victory in Sunday's game against the Crows:

  1. First we must protect the ball, the Ravens defense is as good as it gets, when they turn an offensive miscue, into a defensive highlight.

  2. That might mean running the ball on third downs if it gets into a game that is decided by field position.

  3. Make sure you know where Ed Reed is lined up at, on every down.

  4. The Raiders could also benefit from another decent game from our wide-outs.

  5. Defensively we need to apply a lot of pressure on Joe Flacco, and hope for him to give our DB's some plays to make. Their WR are getting old, so our corners can manhandle them, giving our front four a chance to get to the QB.

  6. We must convert on third downs, keep our defense fresh.

  7. Bring out the aerial assualt, and go deep on them. The best defenders the Ravens have are mostly up front.(exception: Ed Reed)

  8. Mix up our blitzing schemes, to confuse Flacco.

  9. Try to get McFadden the ball at least fifteen times, to change the pace of our ground attack.

  10. And let's try to be 1-0 come Sunday.

Well there you have it. These are my keys to the game, if the Raiders can manage to get 6 out of 10 done, I think we have a good chance at making things complicated in the AFC West