Even when the thing to do on Halloween was to dress up like the dirtiest ugliest thing imaginable, then ringing doorbells and scaring the shit out off your neighbors, us Raider fans loved the Holiday. But the love was because it was fun, exciting, and an excuse to stay out late. Now that we have grown apart from the childish acts, except the dressing up part, the day that is really noted as Halloween in Oakland is either the Sunday before or after the 31st.

We as fans love to dress up, and torment the opposing fans who are brave enough to wear their colors in our house. Which is by all means the spirit of the day in which we mourn the dead. For the last few seasons this day wasn't as significant, because our on the field product was absolutely dismal. This Sunday will awaken the true essensce of what being a Raider fan is all about. Being louder than the guy next to you, as you will your team to victory.

With the forecast showing a cold, overcast day in Oakland with a good chance of precipitation, that is our kind of day. Not only because we are a running team, but for the fact that is resembles the dark uncertain times of our beloved silver and black. With the unpleasant weather Matt Ryan and his strong passing game will be placed on the back burner, but that might be a bad thing, we will instead see a heavy dose of Michael Turner.

Oakland is never a good place for a rookie QB, let alone an experienced one. Just look at what the defense did to Brett Favre with a little bit of crowd noise to distort his audibles. As long as we keep the blitz strong against the youngster, we can force him into bad passing situations. Come gametime, Matt will look like the kid he is, you know like the trick-or-treater that awaits you, but once you open the door, he begins to cry, and runs for mommy.

It will not be any easier for JaMarcus Russell, since it seems that our offensive line has turned into quick sand since the uprooting of Lane Kiffin. Could it be that Cable now has to many tasks that he simply doesn't have time to coach his own unit? I like the Cable guy and all, but so far he has us watching a distorted picture. Being at home will help our young squad, coaches included.

And to the Raiders, remember this Sunday is our Halloween, our chance to put the fright back when a team sees a trip to Oakland on their schedule. I will be calling on you, the Raider Nation, to make the Coliseum the loudest outdoor stadium. Let's put our mark on this one.