This is where it all gets interesting. Week 13, the Oakland Raiders have a home matchup against their division rivals, the Kansas City Chiefs. Up to this point, the season has looked dim, but this week is a must win for the Oakland Raiders.

My reasoning for this is that the Raiders are still mathematically in the hunt for the AFC West title. After the win against the Broncos, we have tied their division Record at 2-2. The Raiders need a lot of help from other teams, but our chances are better than glim. The Broncos will have to face the red-hot Jets, who do not show signs of slowing down. So if the Raiders can get a win at home this week, and hope Brett Favre can keep the train rolling, that leaves Oakland only two games behind.

The Chargers will play a big part in our quest for the glory, but that all plays into effect next week, and in week 17. So I will leave the skepticism to be followed up on a week by week basis.

The whole idea that Tom Cable instilled in this young team was brilliant. By Tom asking the players to do what they have to do in order to leave each game 1-0. The games that you have already played are just notes to use in preperation for next week. It has allowed our young team to erase the mental errors that they seem to keep as baggage, that could become a burden.

If by any chance the Raiders come out of week 13 victorious, it will make the rest of the regular season a real treat for the three teams in the West that are still in contention.