Have you ever had something to say about the Raiders? What Raiders fan hasn't? Have you ever wanted to start your own blog about the Oakland Raiders? Now is the time to get online and start contributing to the blogosphere.

OaklandRaidersNews.com (http://www.oaklandraidersnews.com/) offers all the tools you need to start your own Raiders blog. Joining is free and easy. All you need is a valid email address and an internet connection. Once you join you can create your own profile page, upload an image to represent yourself, and start blogging.

Their blogging interface is easy to use with a nice intuitive MS Word style text editor with a spell checker for you to write your blog entries in. Once you've posted your blog entry other members of the community can comment on it, and of course you can comment on their comments. There are a lot of other more advanced features too, like creating a photo library of all your best Raiders pictures, adding other bloggers to your "friends list," adding a "widget" (a small bit of html code from a 3rd party which can display Raiders information) and adding video to your blog posts through a service like YouTube.

You can also roam around the site and read other people's Raiders blog posts and comment on them. There is also a recently started Raiders forum where you can banter about the Raiders with other fans. Looking at the current blog posts displayed on the home page it's clear that while not everyone is a professional writer, nearly all of the people using the sites are die hard Raiders fans.

All-in-all OaklandRaidersNews.com offers a great online experience for Raiders fans. If you have a moment check it out.