Is a Season Ever Lost?

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At the beginning of the 2008 Season, the Raiders, and there fans were filled with a glimpse of hope, that they would soon return to the glory days. At 2-8, nothing could be further from reality, right?

I understand they are not atop of the weak AFC West, as they could be. But for some reason, the way they have been losing should still give us fans the real meaning of hope. We have gained the ability to stay in ballgames. It is odd that we can compete with the good teams in the league, but sometimes, can't seem to edge them out at the end.

The game at home against Carolina, got the fans upset and they started to leave early. The thing I didn't understand was why. Aside from the fumble at the beginning of the game, we actually dominated that game. I am starting to believe that the Oakland Raiders are allergic to the end-zone. That is simply the only thing holding us back from being a 6-4 Wilcard team.

Whatever the case may be, we have seen a lot of bright spots this season. Our run defense, isn't dead last, our QB is actually getting better as we go along, and our WR's are starting to play.

I know its a reach, but if we can get three staright division wins, and get back to 5-7, we couls somehow be back in the hunt for the division. Regardless if we can turn this season around, I can definately see it changing in the near future. All we need is to learn ho to cross the finish line. Even that is too much to ask this young team, so for all of us who come to Oakland trenched in Silver and Black, at least croos the Goal-line.