When the season was just getting started, the Raider Nation was in full force to deter the haters that always seem to find us, whether we are in a parking Lot, or at our homes. These "Haters," like to just try and get between our skin, always saying how the Broncos, or Chargers are always better than us. Right now, yes, but not by much.

The biggest Hater of them all is Mike Shannahan. Is he still that wounded over a decision Al Davis made back in the 1989 season? He has made it a personal rivalry, and wants to stick it to Al every chance he gets. In week one however, he already had the game in hand, late in the game, but was still airing it all over the field. Shanahan, along with the help from his young Quarterback, flat-out embarrassed the Raiders defense, which was supposed to be a strong point on the team.

This Sunday will be a test of will among the Young players. Hopefully we will see the same type of defense that shut down Jake Delhomme. We need the same approach this week against the Young and Savvy Jay Cutler. Rob Ryan must understand that the way Cutler beat us last time, was simply the fact that we gave him all day to watch the play develop. If the Raiders can bring constant pressure, this game will not be out of reach coming down the stretch.

On the Offensive side of the ball, we could use some help. Whether the help is from the wind, or the gods, we need offensive Touchdowns. JaMarcus Russell is expected to start, and Darren McFadden should be close to 100% by now. This game could come down to field position, so we need to at least get a few first downs. The Broncos' defense is worse than that of the Raiders, so we will need at least 17 points to even be contending in this one.

Whatever the outcome of the game ends up as, I want to at least see a team on the field that could have a final drive to win in Denver. What a boost that would be for our young players.

All the players have their hands on the light switch, but who is going to be the one to flip the switch to enlighten the team.