The last few years the San Diego Chargers have owned the team donned the Silver and Black. Tonight may be a pointless game to some, but to us Raider fans, we need a sign. We would love a dominating performance, but I think the team just has to show us that we will be able to compete in our division in the years ahead.

Our team has faltered, but we need to remain optimistic. My reasoning is simple; JaMarcus Russell is starting to look like the quarterback we chose with the first overall selection, and Darren McFadden is not far behind. The Raiders were unfortunate to be plagued with key offensive and defensive losses to injuries. The Offense lost Fargas, and McFadden for four weeks each. Does anybody remeber the people saying, "We have Fargas, why do we need McFadden?" Maybe because Fargas has always been injury prone, and this season was no different.

So in our battle with our foe from Mexico tonight, I hope we can catch a glimpse of what we saw in the Denver game, the future. Nevermind what happened Sunday in Oakland, we are still capable of playing a role in the playoff picture, just not ours.

Will the San Diego Bolts turn it around, or will the Raiders finally prevail against the team that as of late, seems to disrespect us. I for one caan not sit around and wait for the Chargers to be bad again, I would rather see the Raiders rise again to the top, and become the force in the west.

One of my thoughts about this team seem to stay on the conservative side, but thats what our young team cannot afford to be, conservative. The young offensive and defensive corps has to make a stand and say we can do this. There is no doubt in my mind that the Raiders are one of the most talented teams in the League, now they need to go get it.

As for the play calling, it has been dicey, but thats what we want to see as fans. Mr. Cable, please go after the Chargers tonight, by any means do not hold anything back. Air it out, let McFadden take a few snaps, run some trick plays, but most importantly let the youngsters on the field redeem the joy of playing football.

Rob Ryan, tonight we need constant pressure on Phillip Rivers, make him dance. Bring everything you got, because we would rather win tonights game, more than anyother game left on the schedule.

Let's go get'em!