This season has been a huge disappointment, but quite entertaining to say the least. The Oakland Raiders again will have to look for tools to build our future. The team has shown several signs of improvement, but still have to spend the final weeks of the 2008 season to find an answer to what has occured time and time again. Our dysfunction and continued instability has made the Raiders the laughing stock of the NFL.

Where will the Raiders begin this offseason? That is a question we can start assessing in three weeks, as for now we still have a game on Sunday, and have to be in top form. My logic is that neither the fans nor players need their heads to be filled with what to do before next year. Sunday provides us with a chance to redeem our ego, against the team that stripped us of our dynasty.

In January of 2002, the officials robbed the Raiders, who had a team for the record books. Some still argue the fact, but even Tom Brady announced in the post game conference, that he too thought it was a fumble.

The results of the game were a tide that would change the ideals in the Raiders front office. We had a chance the next year to play in the Super Bowl, but had to play against the coach we had just traded after the "Tuck Rule." We were robbed of our dynasty, the fact is that we never would have fell this low, had the play been called correctly.

Sunday the Patriots will be in our house on a cold, wet, and dreary afternoon. As a member of the best fanbase in the NFL, I am calling for all Raider fans to make it a point that we will not allow the Patriots to continue on our legacy. Bring signs, make a lot of noise, Boo Randy Moss and Lamont Jordan anytime they touch the ball. Tell any Patriots fan you see that they are going to lose the division to the Dolphins. They're reign must be stopped, ans Sunday we have a chance to put them down. With a Dolphins win, and Partiots loss, the Patriots will almost certainly need a miracle to get in.

In our hopes the newly great looking Matt Cassell might not start, therefore the Patriots will be looking to Kevin O'Connell. That would be a great advantage because the Patsies are a paa first team. Leaving them with a run game, that has become weak. In the mix with the weather conditions, I see the Raiders having the better rushing attack.

Just for fun, we will be screaming F--- the Pats.

Let's go get'em Raiders.