This Sunday will bring week 3 of the NFL Season to fans all across the world, except for those of us in or around the San Francisco Bay Area. Due to the ineptitude of California's crippled economy, which has nearly 12% unemployed, those of us who had season tickets last year, or mini-plans had to pass on them this year. Meaning the Oakland Raiders region which covers from San Jose to Sacramento will be blacked-out. This is now forcing the true fans to scramble to find tickets for another home game against AFC West Division rivals the Denver Broncos.

The last meeting between these two teams came during JaMarcus' good stretch of games towards the end of last season. This game however, will decide who will be atop of the AFC West, as we approach the seasons first quarter mark next week. For the fans that are going to be at the game, this is the moment for our young team to step-up. We need the Coliseum to literally be shaking due to unimaginable decibal levels. Whether or not the building is filled to its capacity at kick-off, it needs to be the loudest battle-field come Sunday afternoon.

Raiders Key's to Victory:

  1. Run the ball steady, open up the day with five or more straight run plays, and hopefully someone gets rolling.

  2. Stick with the run, through all four quarters. Just as a reminder to thier defense to think twice before rushing in.

  3. Play-action passes, but only when and if they might "bite" on the fake.

  4. Let JaMarcus figure his problem out on his own, because no-matter ho many errant passes that wind up incomplete, its better than the other possible outcomes to the play; Interceptions, Sacks, or Fumbles.

  5. The Defensive front needs to not get held so much (LOL!) and apply more pressure on Kyle Orton this week.

  6. Shift our blitzing packages to key third downs, rather than blitzing sporadically on rushing situations.

  7. Last, but certainly not least, we need to make sure to have the middle of the field covered. Especially late in the fourth quarter.

I am having these visions of Kyle Orton getting harrassed constantly through-out the day. Which will get the crowd to emulate the echoing footsteps that Orton hears pounding against his ear-drums, mixed amongst a loud RAI....DERS chant. Allowing Greg Ellis and Richard Seymour to take turns pulverising the Broncos new sad excuse of a quarterback.

My note to JaMarcus, "There is only One meaningful Statistic that comes away from each game, and it isn't a number !"