This year might get worse real quick with this schedule proving to be a tough road ahead, especially the next few weeks. Few understand the constant criticism which follows the Raiders everywhere and every year. Now it has seemingly become a single person that faces the heat of the mainstream media. But is he the only one to blame?

It looks as though Tom Cable has a different idea of how to use JaMarcus Russell. We should definately change the whole playbook during the bye week soon to come. It is obvious that having no rushing attack absolutely kills the passing game. Cable is Running the ball on 2nd and 10, down by 28 points. This ironic play-calling makes the clock continue to click, and when you have ZERO points, thats the last thing you want to do.

With the rest of the season about to be a long practice, why not use every game from here on out to make JaMarcus the Quarterback we need. They might as well let him throw the ball every-down. No matter what the score is, nor the down and distance, show him that there is faith in his abilities. Once the Raiders get behind by more than twenty points, they need to run a shotgun spread offense to allow Russell to make quick reads, and move the ball. Losing games isn't bad in a rebuilding season if the new players can form some chemistry. Russell will not improve by running the ball twice, and throwing on third downs.

I know this is a rough way to be a fan, and at times it is just plain miserable. The hardest thing to watch is when your team is losing big, and they continue to thing that a big run is going to change anything. As a Raiders fan, the criticism no longer gets under our skin, what gets us furious is how we do not TRY to utilize our teams talent.
For example, why not throw more deep balls, rather than running the dive two consecutive plays? At least let the youngsters have a chance at making a big play to give thier confidence a boost. This is a way to score early and sporatically through-out the game. The Rookie wide-outs we put on the field are faster than most corners aound the league, so have Louis Murphy running streaks on first downs, seeing how the defense usually KNOWS Oakland plans to run the ball.

The more Chances that Russell and Louis Murphy and Darius Heyward-Bey get to make the big play, the more times they will make it happen. The timing is the factor on the deep ball, and if Russell can perfect it, the Raiders will have the ability to score at any moment. With a group of young receivers that are quick, the passing game is going to be a huge factor in how and when this team improves.