As Sunday approaches, so will the end of the 2009 Regular Season. Many Teams are strong as always, and Young Teams are getting stronger, leaving a lot of questions for fans and Teams that will play again in August. One of those teams being our Oakland Raiders, who have already gotten to be a spoiler to the Pittsburgh Steelers and Cincinatti Bengals of the AFC North, as well as the Denver Broncos of the West. I am using the "spoiler" term to put these losses as notes, to those who say the Raiders are weak.

This would have been an amazingly different Season if somehow, the Louis Murphey Touchdown in the first half was ruled in our favor. In two other circumstances he has also been robbed from his exclusive class of Rookie WR's to become key contributors to an Offense. With that in mind also note the fact it also reflected on JaMarcus' stat line. If we could have played our best Defense on San Diego's final drive, this season would be reversed from top to bottom.

The Oakland Raiders were dominant in all phases of the game, and if that level of play was consistant this season, (hopefully next season it will be) the AFC would be completely re-arranged, but we instead played the upper-tier teams on their level and beat them. Which the Oakland Raiders have created their stir in their Conference, most certainly ruining the chances for a few other clubs and their hopes for a playoff bid.

By their win over the Philidelphia Eagles it held up the NFC East Division Title until week seventeen, and by beating the Bengals in week 11 the Raiders have made an impact in that division, as well as the whole AFC playoff scenario that is still being calculated, LOL! The reason to look for an upset in Oakland's final 2009 game against the Baltimore Ravens.

The Reason for me campaigning for Russell to start is there is no reason not to, at least to get more game footage to work with this offseason. I think the lesson is learned, now we need him to feel positive going into his third offseason, so he wants to work hard to take this team into the playoffs next year.

Against Denver Russell showed that he can handle the pressure of coming into a game with a deficit, and leading the team to victory. That is reason enough to prove that if the Receivers make the catches he can do amazing things. His strongest chemistry is with Chaz Schilens, who makes clutch catches, and helps convert on third downs. Needing to play a verticle passing game to beat Baltimore, Russell is Oakland's best option at QB for this game. His accuracy is better with the deeper passes, and with the blazing speed of Oakland's wideouts, why not take advantage of the deep ball? It is a fact that the deep ball is easier to catch, and is an easier route to run. It also lowers the coverage reads that Russell would have to read, allowing him to focus on just corners and safeties. The deep game mixed with screen passes, will basically take the linebackers out of the game.

We will see if Oakland can ruin a few teams chances of reaching the postseason by taking down the Ravens. I expect it to be a physical and defensive display of how football is supposed to be played, so it will be under 40 total points, and I think Oakland stays on top with 5 Field Goals by Sebastian Janikowski. The final: 22 -17


  1. Maroussia // March 4, 2010 at 2:37 AM  

    It will be great to watch Oakland Raiders, i have bought tickets from looking forward to it.