Today i woke up in a sarcastic mood, but nothing seems too obviously out of touch to blame as the cause. I am glad the SF Giants won the world series, even though i am an Oakland A's fan. Still, today feels depressing, lifting my mood by smoking Legal Marijuana proudly would have helped, but with that hope now dead, all I have left is my Oakland Raiders, who are playing surprisingly well.

The Raiders (4-4 overall, 2-0 AFC West) are looking to make their Statement to the world, with the first televised home game since------. Can they stay a dominant threat in the West, but with Pittsburgh, and Indianapolis yet to play, as well as the AFC West Round 2.

Kansas City will arrive as timid as a child on Halloween, a week later. My weather prediction is a dark, and rainy battle. Windy at times when McFadden drifts by, "splashin' and dashin," his way towards the end-zone. In any devine chance that Jason Campbell Continues to be himself: a confident and a poised Veteran, the Raiders should explode on this young DBs of KC.

With deep threats that have enough speed to blow past these corners. If yu see any man to man coverage, expect JC to hook-up deep with multiple wide-outs. May not be another blowout, look for the Committment this team displays.

D Mac Can Continue to display his superior level of play, against a team he plays well against. I plan to see a another dose of our "Big Mac."