Tom Cable has been officially removed from his dream job, the Head Coach of the Oakland Raiders. He did a fair job overall with the team, considering he was an O-Line Coach prior to Accepting the Gig, due to a mitigating release of the "wrong guy.'' (Lane Kiffin). Only moving Forward, no reason to sit around trying to puzzle together the past. Success is Merely a Measurement of Progress!

Al Here's my Two $ense:

Step 1. Reward the Offensive unit for finally pulling their own weight, and allow the group to develop the chemistry with Hue Jackson.

Step 2. Make an offer to Vince Young, not over-whelming, cause the worst case scenario is Vince Young being able to develop behind Veteran QB Jason Campbell. However, The more likely scenario would be a dynamic play-caller, who can take Hue Jackson's genius to the next level.

This would give Oakland, Three Recent Heisman Candidates in the backfield. Just for entertainment, Let's imagine this as the Raiders' 2011-2012 starting Lineup.

QB Vince Young

RB Darren McFadden

FB Michael Bush / Marcel Reece

LT Mario Henderson

LG Robert Gallery

C Jason Veldheer / Samson Satele

RG Cooper Carlisle

RT Khalif Barnes

TE Zach Miller

WR1 Darius Heyward-Bey / Chaz Schilens

WR2 Louis Murphey/Jacoby Ford

To ensure the explosive nature of Jackson's type offense it needs speed, at ALL positions.

Step 3. Key Acquisitions to Consider bringing to Oakland

QB ) Vince Young (First or Last)

QB ) Troy Smith (Likely to become FA)

QB ) Michael Vick (if Eagles go forward with K. Kolb)

QB ) Tim Tebow (F--- the Broncos)

QB ) Move up in the first round by trading (Anyone but Asomugha) to try snagging Andrew Luck! (highly unlikely)

WR ) Get Lavelle Hawkins from Titans, he has displayed top-tier talent, and making plays is what he does. (try a trade for Nick Miller, JLH, Tony Stewart, or a 4-5th Round Pick)

LT ) Attack this position Early in the Draft, or trade for Odd-man-Out.

Step 4. With most of the focus falling on the defensive side for once, Maybe some more talented youth in the Secondary. Give Huff, and Branch Extra Help Deep, Maybe Darren Sharper via trade, to Solidify the coverage.

Step 5. Use the tandem of Backs, that can all handle and pass the ball if needed to run multi-direction plays, that are decided at the line of scrimmage. Speed, and mis-direction go hand-in-hand.

Step 6. Stay relevent in the Media, because when the Raiders franchise stays mute, it leads to more speculation than actual stories. It provides true life-long fans the decency of having a vision of what next year can be like.
Step 7. Look at Mike Singletary as a viable Defensive Coordinator, or LB Coach.
Step 8. Point Across the Bay, Point at the Forty-Niners and their fans, then laugh.
Step 9. Remind the Coaches, players, and Staff about the Oakland Raiders' desire to display their "Commitment to Excellence."
Step10. End all team meetings with, "I will Commit to Excel."