I am going to give my selections for this weekend's Wildcard Round of the Playoffs. I usually don't publish my picks, because it has a tendency to "jinx," the outcome.


New York Jets @ Indianapolis Colts

This game may sound intriguing, however Peyton Manning, has been playing lightsout, the last couple weeks, and surely he will show the difference of experience in a QB. If it becomes a shootout, advantage goes to Indy, but if the Jets can get the ground game rolling early, the tides can turn!

Watch Sanchez Manage the game efficiently, Attempting no more than 25 passes, he follows his Backfield into the Divisional Round.

Prediction: NYJ 20, IND 14

New Orleans Saints @ Seattle Seahawks

Unless Charlie Whitehurst shows up and plays like Drew Brees, this should be a one-sided beat-down in the city that never sleeps... This is a home game that the Home fans would be better off not witnessing first hand.

Prediction: NO 31, SEA 17


Baltimore Ravens @ Kansas City Chiefs

LOL... The Chiefs... have no chance because their rushing attack doesn't fare well against Baltimore's Defense, and we were reminded last week that Matt Cassell Can't shoulder the load.

Prediction: BAL 27, KC 14

Green Bay Packers @ Philidelphia Eagles

This is what I think will be the best game this weekend, both teams are strong offensively, both have weakness' through-out their defenses. Whatever team plays solid Defensively will win, GB gets a plus in their column. I think Philidelphia is too well-rounded for Green Bay to beat them, but offensive mis-cues have haunted the Eagles as of late, which leaves it up to the play of their Special Teams.

Prediction: PHI24, GB 21

We'll Watch and see which teams prevail, only time will tell.